Wiley-X PT-1 Multi-Lens System - Wiley-X
Wiley-X PT-1 Multi-Lens System
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The PT-1 offers a virtually unbreakable Triloid nylon frame that allows the user to easily change specific lens tints for various light conditions. The circular frame design provides incredible peripheral vision and backlit glare reduction.
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Too high on forehead
Rating: 3.0 Stars
The lens are great and it's not too difficult to change from one to another. I used disposable gloves when I change them so as not to have to clean the lens afterward. I do wonder how long the frames can tolerate lens changes without breaking. The biggest negative is that they come too high on the forehead. Try wearing them with a sweatband and sun hat, or any hat. In the winter, try it with a winter hat that you wear to keep your head warm. Same problem. Don't know why they were designed that way. Maybe for the operator types who never seem to wear hats or helmets, but appear in the various advertisements.
Lloyd - March 26, 2009