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CamelBak TransFormer
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Some situations call for a sleek, low-profile system. Others call for a full size pack. CamelBak TransFormer gives you both options and one in between. Convert the sleek base system with either a small pocket or a full-length compartment, or both.
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Camelbak Transformer
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've had this bag for three years now and it is one of the best packs that I've ever owned. The construction and design are exceptional. From the zippers to the cordura the bag is first rate. The design has been well thought through. Two of the compartments are removable which makes for a very versatile unit. The MOLLE attachments allow you to add extra pouches or equipment. I've also found that a mini Mag light fits perfectly in the loops. It comes with a reversible rain cover that is nicely stored in its own compartment. And then there is the 100 oz bladder that may well be the best on the market. The waist belt can be neatly tucked away when not in use. The bag is not too big for daily travel on crowded urban streets yet is large enough for all your essentials in the field. I've owned many bags and packs from many manufacturers. Most have done a fine job but this one really fits my needs both in the field and on the streets of the big city. This is my 4th Camelbak backpack and I'm very pleased with it. If I had one negative it would be that there are no color options. I love the black but I would love to see it come in AUC or tan. So if you're planning on doing battle on the streets of New York or going off to war to fight for our country this bag will get you there and back.
Carl - July 10, 2011

Great system
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Very versatile, this system can be used with the straps tucked in as an acc on milspec packs and gear, or as gear overflow for ammo organization. The pouches can be removed and used inside issued gear to further organize GO GEAR. I have had mine since 2001, and use it everywhere I go with zero zipper failure or tears.
Daniel - June 8, 2009