5.11 Tactical HRT Watch - 5.11 Tactical
5.11 Tactical HRT Watch
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Precision on the go! Calculate point of impact by inputting critical variables that determine elevation and wind adjustments. Works on all MILDOT, TMOA, SMOA and clicking rifle scopes.
User Reviews
Best watch I own
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Have had it 4 years, no problems and I love the look!!
Terry - November 27, 2014

My favorite watch
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have nothing but good to say about my watch. Maybe I'm lucky, but I think it is the perfect watch. I can glance at it and see the hands for a quick fix or see the date and day. The light is just right too. The ballistic computer is mind blowing to be in such a small package. I have changed the battery once myself in 5 years. I love it and have not found a better companion. I own several watches including Suunto, Casio ProTrex and others. This is still my favorite!!!! I am sad that some people have had bad luck with the watch. Hopefully 5.11 will make good for them and tighten up the quality control on this very nice looking, terrific watch instead of dropping it from the line.......
Terry - January 12, 2014

Is it he product or the ignorace of the company selling it
Rating: 0.5 Stars
have sent watch in now twice: 1st time differnt watch was returned less than 2 months it was not working. 2nd time 3 weeks after it was turned in. and I quote, We can not repair this watch, but we do have a different watch that is more money. Here is my complaint 80 percent of time I wear 5.11 clothing and have no issues. Stick to selling the clothes and stop trying to get envolved with products they know nothing about. The are selling inferior products and have a customer service department that equates to great whites in the middle of a feeding frenze. What other business can knowingly sell junk at a premium price? What other busines can knowing not repair there product under warranting? What other business can mislead the consumer @ the time of sale by implying there is a warranty for 1 year knowing they are not going to honor it. In short stick to the clothing it's obviuos that the watches are a way for them to use your money, until such time as the watch quites and believe me it's going to
Ric - June 8, 2010

boom batty
Rating: 1.0 Stars
Man, I hate to sound like everyone else but I, too have had the same problems as everyone else: the dot matrix display crapped out while using the shot computer, the watch does not keep good time- it runs consistently slow and I lost a button at the range. Customer support blows- they told me that this is known to have battery issues and the jeweler I took it to said the battery was fine and asked me why I bought junk. I just said it was a gift...ha ha ha. Now 5.11 wants me to spend 30 bucks to send it back for repair which might take as long as 8 weeks. Do yourself a favor- DON'T BUY THIS WATCH. I'm going back to my Casio G-Shock and the failsafe method of pencil and paper to compute shots.
Matthew - January 10, 2010

Waste of Money
Rating: 5.0 Stars
11 days after purchashing the 5.11 Tactical HRT Watch it stopped working.I returned it for repair still under warranty.They called 45 days after receiving it to say they wanted an additinal 20.00 to replace the batteries and O rings,not covered by the warranty.I spent 27.00 to return it. Their customer service STINKS and so does the cheaply made Chinese watch they re selling.If I ever get it back Im going to return it to the dealer and ask for a refund.
r. - September 16, 2008

Good Watch but not for Real World Tac Ops
Rating: 3.5 Stars
My wife purchased this watch for me and I love the design. Could not ask for a better looking watch. The crystal did scratch within the first two weeks that I had it. Customer service was awesome sending it back for another one right now. As for the time keeping issue I have had no issues so far. Hope I wont.
Chris - April 22, 2008

Rating: 1.0 Stars
I have been through 3 of these watches. The first two were titanium. The analog movement on the watches failed. The shooting computer was very good but the Chinese watch works just do not cut it. I the got the stainless steel model and the watch band broke three days later. I am currently waiting for a replacement. 511's customer service is excellent! They replaced the watch without question and faxed me shipping labels to return it.
NICHOLAS - March 9, 2007

No Problems So Far.....
Rating: 4.0 Stars
My wife purchased this watch for me because I am what she calls a watch fanatic. I had seen it in several of the 511 catalogs, and because I like their clothing so much I assumed the quality would be similar. Setting the watch proved difficult, and being a road deputy I wont use the bullet drop function (wouldnt really have the time to enter bullet drop data and trajectory etc. on a traffic stop!) Sometimes when wearing it, the buttons are inavertantly pushed by my wrist and screws up the settings. I still think it looks cool as hell even though its made in China and requires an MIT education to set it. Other than that its great.
Frederick - February 25, 2007

What a waste of a great idea.
Rating: 1.5 Stars
The watched worked good while it sat in a range bag, coming out occationally. When I started using it daily and calculating long shots the hands began to slow. I called customer service and they told me it was a battery issue (liars) and to take it to a certified jeweler. The jeweler opened it and tested the battery. The battery was fine. He put it back together and told me, I hope you didn't spend too much money on this. I lied and said no. I didn't want him to think I was a dumb government fool. Don't follow in my steps and fall for the hype. It would be a good shot calculator if the time piece wasn't a cheap toy. Back to paper, skill and a little hope.
Bryan - February 14, 2007

5.11 watch
Rating: 0.5 Stars
Absolutely Ridiculous movement!!! First the watch hands were running slow approx 15 minutes or so each day. After resetting the watch obeying point 4 of Watch Instructions three or four times it stopped moving completely. Pretty poor for a $200 Watch. I have never owned a watch valued over 50 bucks but being a true fan of 5.11 products this item was just another must have. I’m not a shooter but all the other functions are exactly what I need, it sure is an impressive watch I love the design material and functions. I’m so disappointed of 5.11 to have such a overpriced Chinese toy in their inventory. However I’ll give it another chance and send it back for repair and hopefully they can get that China movement to do what it says “MOVE” and it be more than just a $200 worthless Chinese titanium TOY. @Richard, YOU GOT THE POINT!!! “I do wish there was a function to move the analog hands out of the way when you use the digital readout” A watch where you work with the readout like this it’s essential to see it clearly any time you need it and not just at 0900Hrs and 0300Hrs. :) I have seen this feature on a Citizen Blue Angels watch. Now that a can do attitude.
Signo - December 22, 2006

5.11 digital time keeping accuracy unacceptable
Rating: 1.0 Stars
Chinese movement is unacceptable, running slow, not acceptable by current standards and quality expected of a $250 price range. Basic timekeeping function should be more accurate.Returned immediately for a refund. Recommend caution.
Steve - November 18, 2006

RMC US Navy SEAL Team 8
Rating: 1.0 Stars
I cannot believe that I blew 250.00 bucks on this watch!!! It is ALL hype!!! The damn thing only lasted 2 months before crapping out!! The display on my watch went blank while shooting at the range. When I called 5.11 for support, they told me to send it in (at my cost), and it may be 5 to 6 weeks before I get it back. There is NO substitute for pen and paper when calculating your shots!! I am very sorry that I purchased this lead weight, it all comes back to this... BUYER BEWARE!!!
Billy - May 5, 2006

5.11 Tactical® HRT™ Watch
Rating: 0.5 Stars
Andres R.Lagoc PA-C is right dont buy this watch. I have had similar problems, the dot matrix digital display stopped working on my watch aswell,its a piece of junk.
Bruce - April 8, 2006

I like this watch
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I had to wait for mine as I pre-ordered it and they were late coming in. It keeps good (acurate) time, all the funtions seem to work well. I don't even take my laptop to the range now, the balistic functions seem to work as well as any I've used. I use the rubber strap, as the leather one looked kind of cheezy. It takes some practice to use as it has lots of different capabilities and you must set everything up properly but works well if you do your part. I do wish there was a function to move the analog hands out of the way when you use the digital readout, then return them when your done. Overall I think it is a good tool and a great value.
Richard - March 10, 2006

Tactical HRT Watch
Rating: 0.5 Stars
From my Personal Experience, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS WATCH!!!! For starters, the Movement of the watch is from China, NOT a Japanese Movement (Seiko) as reported by the Manufacturer (It Says so on the Back Casing - Movement - Made in China). The watch itself did NOT LOOK EXACTLY like the image in the Pictures. The manufacturer said that the images of the watch on the website were pre-production models, not the based upon the final design of the watch. The leather watchband that it came with was poorly made. It felt more like cardboard than actual leather. The instructions that came with the watch were VERY ambiguous. CUSTOMER SERVICE (5.11 company) was HORRIBLE!!! They put me in contact with several different people, all who could not help me. Finally, I spoke with one of the original personnel who were involved with the design of the watch itself. His contact number was his cell phone number (incidently, he's a hard person to reach). Finally, I was instructed to go to the 5.11 Website where I could download (a PDF File) instructions on the watch's many functions. Day 15, I noticed that the Watch was 12 minutes slow. Each and every day thereafter, I had to constantly set my watch to the correct time. About day 20, the Dot Matrix Digital Display Malfunctioned. I immediately called the designer, and he requested that I send it back to the manufacturer (I would have to pay for S&H as well as insuring the package), or return it for a full refund minus the original cost of shipping and handling. To me, this watch was more a HEADACHE than what it was worth (original price was $199). MY $30.00 CASIO Watch I bought from Walmart was more accurate than this watch. So PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and Purchase another watch from a REPUTABLE Manufacturer!!! This Review is in NO way a Reflection of U.S. Calvary. Based on past experience, I can honestly say that I have had NO problems ordering from the U.S. Calvary (except when items are temporarily out of stock). I am satisfied with their service.
Andres - February 22, 2006