ASP Rotating SideBreak Scabbard - ASP
ASP Rotating SideBreak Scabbard
Average Rating: Average Rating: 2 Stars

No other expandable case offers the features of the ASP Rotating SideBreak Scabbard.
User Reviews
All around ok.
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I have used the scabbard for a little over two years, and the only problem i have found is occasionally the baton will extend while in the scabbard while in a foot pursuit. However, The rotation aspect of the holster is great. Either drawing or holstering the rotation of the scabbard has always been an asset to me.
Chase - July 23, 2008

An annoyance
Rating: 1.5 Stars
I am constantly readjusting this thing and never know where my baton is going to be when I reach for it. Especially embarassing is when other deputies (or worse, a supervisor) come up behind me and fix it for me. I've got to get this thing off my duty belt.
Jason - May 22, 2007

Scabbard serves no purpose
Rating: 1.0 Stars
The scabbards side break is useless in that it only allows a fully expanded baton to drawn a little easier. Most officers never carry their batons in this position anyway. The cheaper nylon and leather batons serve this purpose fine. Drawing tension cannot be adjusted and each length baton requires its own special scabbard or the baton will not be secure or impossible to draw. The only positive is that it can be adjusted at different angles easily..thats it!
Ramon - March 9, 2007