Ultra Force M-65 Field Jacket - Rothco
Ultra Force M-65 Field Jacket
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Concealed hood, heavy brass zipper, snap-up storm flap, VELCRO brand cuffs for attachment to gloves.
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Best Jacket ever!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
For over 13 years now I have owned my M-65 field Jacket with liner. I have mixed emotions about this jacket. The perks to owning this Jacket are you can double the liners up to make this Jacket extra extra warm so warm you don't need anything other then a T-shirt under it in 0 degree weather, and the 4 cargo pockets holds up to 30 pounds between all 4 pockets. It can hold lots and lots of small gear. The zipper never gets stuck and never need to be changed or oiled with a storm flap to keep the zipper hidden and out of the way. This jacket is tough super soft yet durable/tough.It comes in many colors and the black dose not show dirt a + for working out doors. This jacket dose have its down sides as well. Sad to say... The Velcros wheres out fast and dose not hold as tight once this happens ,I wish they remove the Velcros and replace it with a buttons.But this is not the case. The hood is small and under sized,By witch I mean its thin and is useless It can't even be used as a wind brake, but in many ways still nice to know its there if you need to hide your head for camo. This jacket is not what so ever Water repellant no matter how much they say it is! if your out in the rain get ready to get wet no matter how small the amount of rain it... And if you where this Jacket in the rain the colors will fade over time, I have found my black color over 13 years of use in the rain has turned brown. So In my opinion even with this Jackets flaws its still the best Jacket out there thats been made... 13 years strong use and going!
Robert - September 25, 2008