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NDūR Survival Matches
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NATO Issue! Lights when wet and windy. Includes 25 matches.
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Matches for the Military
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These matches are some some of the best. However there are some aspects to which they are inferior to other matches (Mainly the UCO/REI brand matches).Heres the comparison... Proforce Matches will light when the match and the striker are soaked to the bone. They create a fair amount of smoke and do smell. They can't be put out once light aside from dunking them underwater. They are compact and when used properly will burn for 12 seconds and not burn your fingers. The case is water-proof but has no rubber O-ring and no spare striker on the inside. In addition the container is white (not idea for the military, wish it was black). UCO/REI Matches Will light when when the match is wet but the striker will not light the match when slightly wet! They create alot of smoke and smell terrible! They can not be put out and will burn underwater. They are much larger and longer but only burn for 15 seconds and will not burn your fingers. The case is waterproof and has an O-ring with 2 spare strikers sealed in plastic in container. The container is yellow or green (much better for the military) In the end I recommend these matches for general use but I recommend the UCO matches for aquatic environments.
Brennen - September 20, 2011

These matches ARE the best
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've used them under damn near every rotten condition I could get into, and I've used all the other fine competitors. These are the best by a margin you can't imagine until you try them. Buy two containers of these, and one of all the rest. When you finish experimenting, you'll have one container of these, and just one match missing out of all the rest-- because you'll keep showing these to all your buddies until you've demo'd up the container. Almost fun to strike, they're so uniquely powerful. Hell, I'm their oldest customer and they won't send me any for raving on. I wish this were a paid endorsement-- I'd take the money with a clean conscience.
William - March 26, 2009

Damn things work almost better than you can imagine
Rating: 5.0 Stars
The can has some good tinderfluff to help, and a striker surface. The match flames up 10x-20x a normal kitchen match. Raindrops hit without extinguishing them. I've used them for around 35 years and rarely ever used two to start a well laid fire. Never once found anything in this league. I buy them at U.S. Cavalry, and elsewhere. Not for lighting anything hanging out of your face! --Andy
William - December 24, 2008