Military Cot - TRU-SPEC
Military Cot
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3 Stars

Official Issue! Fully taped and reinforced, Aluminum frame with nylon endcaps.
User Reviews
Great cot
Rating: 4.5 Stars
A rugged and surprisingly comfortable cot. It is a bit stiff to assemble, but that makes it firm and sturdy. I’ve had mine for over a decade and would not hesitate to buy another if I needed.
Jordan - July 19, 2013

Rating: 0.5 Stars
Actually I would rate this a -5 but 0.5 was a low as the choices go. I started watching for this item to be 'in-stock' in mid-November 2008. Upon checking Jan 18,2009, it was available. The order arrived promptly however the legs of the cot were assembled incorrectly from the factory and thus it was unusable. USC issued a RMA# and return shipping tag which I used within 48 hours. When I called about the defect, a replacement cot was in stock. However, no one bothered to pull one out of inventory and hold it until the defective one was received. Now two weeks later, they still haven't received the defective one, no replacements are in stock and none are expected for at least 60 days. Now I have no cot and since their choice of return shipping company (USPS) lost the insured package, I'm out the purchase price as well. I would NOT recommend either this product or this merchant to anyone. So much for waiting for an American made product and purchasing it from an American merchant. I will be taking this up with VISA. Oh and if any from USC happens to read this, I have a stamped receipt from the USPS with the initials of the employee who received the package and a copy of the original shipping label showing insurance on the contents.
Bo - February 7, 2009

Good cot
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Bought in Sep. 06, tiny amount of wear as result of nightly use since then.Will immediately buy another if this one ever fails.Which doesn't look to happen anytime soon.
BRIAN - July 15, 2008