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Large ALICE Pack w/Frame
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3,800 cubic inches. Made of 420D nylon. Includes LC-2 Frame.
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Best rucksack you ever own
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Ive owned a large Alice pack for many years now and this Pack has yet to let me down. My old Large Alice pack had been through tough spots and this Pack had held up like it was brand new from day one...Its old school but truly An amazing Product, Built to last.It's rough and has enough cargo room for anything you ever dreamed of carrying... ever! I only have two problems with this Pack and they are easily fixed. #1 Is and no one told me You need to buy the Frame for this pack if you want to carry heavy loads. I got this pack 15 years ago and my first time using it, I packed 150 pounds of equipment on a week long hike and Died carrying this load the entire time. Shortly after that trip, I got the frame and its been a cake walk ever since. So make sure you buy the Frame if your thinking about buying this pack.. #2 There is no spot for a hydration bladder.Ive found Inside the mane bag there is a smaller map pouch,That I stuff my 3 later Hydration bladder in to and it works Quite well for me. Even tho this pack was not built for a hydration system its easily adaptible, Just make sure you point the tube down and tie the tube to your outer straps to keep it from getting caught up on brush. This is one of the best Packs you will ever own hands down for the price.. If I could rate it over 5 stars I would.
Robert - March 14, 2012

Rating: 5.0 Stars
Every where I have been Ive requested and recieved the large RUCK No matter what your doing when ya gotta hump it 12 miles and you need your gear the large ruck is the only way to go. OLD SCHOOL and versitle dont change a thing the grunts and grease monkeys are comfortable right where we need it. Hooah
Ronnie - September 17, 2006