Wiley-X XL-1 Sunglasses - Wiley-X
Wiley-X XL-1 Sunglasses
Average Rating: Average Rating: 5 Stars

This goggle in a sunglass concept provides incredible wind, sun, glare, fog and debris protection.
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good overall
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These are by far the best glasses I've ever had, and use them daily. the fit is better then perfect, but with the goggle gasket, there is a large gap over the nose. The lenses fog up easily, but that's really all I can complain about. The nose bridge uses a different material which seems to wear out and peel off readily, but it has no effect on the fit and comfort. It may be just the ones I have, but the temple hinge on the right side seems to come loose by itself after while, but no big Deal. The strap is extremely useful, especially during high output activities or while working with your head down.
Andrew - December 2, 2011

best sunglasses I've had
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I Have been wearing the XL-1's since 2003 love them he only thing is they keep changing styles on me but you gotta stay current i guess. I love the fit the protection and customer service is second to none. I have bought 2 pair in the past 6 years and only because the lenses have ben scrached so bad and they dont have replaceent ons in stock becasue of style changes. Thats the only down fall so i woudl say buy a few replacement lenses up front just in case. I live in mine year round sun up to sun down then i replace the clear lenss for nite with work.
Nathan - December 8, 2009