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ESS NVG Profile Series Goggles
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ESS NVG Profile is the only compact military/tactical goggles system with no compromises. Created with U.S. Special Forces groups, it has all the advantages of a low-profile, night vision- compatible frame without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance.
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Worth the price
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I wrote a review for a amry helmet, I was hit from a road side IED, I was in the driver's hatch of my M1, 235, Bravo Baby! that pretty much saved me, these glasses now that I think about it deflected smaller parts from my eyes, My Sergeant was knock out for a few seconds, He was on the 50. He got the fool that detonataed the IED.
Tom - October 15, 2006

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have used these many times for airsoft Military Simulation and have played for 24 hours straight with them on. I've never had them fog or feel uncomfortable. They are not bulky and fit perfect. They have never scratched even from an airsoft gun at 500 fps from 20 feet away. These are perfect.
Ben - December 12, 2005