ESS ICE-R 2.4 Eyeshield - ESS
ESS ICE-R 2.4 Eyeshield
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

A stylishly-enhanced, comfortable and lightweight eye protection system that offers a unique combination of impact resistance, unrestricted views, and interchangeable lenses for effective eye protection in any light condition.
User Reviews
not so good
Rating: 2.5 Stars
we were issued thes during school of infantry and they were universally hated. Easily scratched, always fogged when you had to do something, and the legs constantly fell off
Matthew - December 4, 2008

Best of Class
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I've used eye shields from a couple of different makers. I have corrective lenses that need to be integrated into my eye protection. ESS ICE Eyeshields are absolutely the best of class. Comfortable, quick and easy to move the Rx carrier between shield lenses (clear, smoked, yellow). In the field and on deployment, these are my glasses even back on the FOB.
SGT - February 25, 2008

functional and cheap
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've been using these glasses in the field since i got them and it's a nice system especially for the price. The lenses change rather easily and i haven't had a problem with them staying together on hikes or whatnot. The only drawback i see is that the lenses tend to smudge up when you're changing them, if you have a oakley cloth or something like that to use it takes care of it much faster than the cloth provided, overall a good purchase.
scott - July 3, 2006