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Criss Optical Combat Eyeglass Frames
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Non-reflective, self-adjusting. Accepts prescription or sunglass lenses.
User Reviews
Best glasses I ever had!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I purchased 2 pair of these glasses when I deployed to Desert Shield/Storm. They've lasted through the years & on numerous deployments. I've had to replace the straps & lenses as my perscription changed, but the frames have held up. These are great glasses to wear during a deployment.
MAJ - December 20, 2010

Great! And will last fo ever.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These frames are great for work. They stay put and give me no problems. I have just ordered another pair. I have had the original pair since 1995 and just keep having new lens installed. I'm getting a second paid even though the original pair is still in 100percent original shape, after 15 years (err, well, the bands don't last but I changed to a nylon cord about 10 years ago and have been happy since)!!!
Billy - November 15, 2010

Great All purpose glasses
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've bought these pair a few years ago and I still use it now mainly for sports and they're really good! If you're looking for a pair that'll stand up to abuse, buy these!
Walter - November 9, 2006

Great flying frames
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Having finally reached an age where the eyes weren't as shart as they used to be, I had to look for something to replace my usual sunglasses for flying my powered paraglider. I remembered combat glasses from somewhere and when I started searching, I found them here. A year now using them and I couldn't be happier, I had one set made in a polarized perscription tint and another in a perscription yellow (for low light use)both in safety glasses thickness and they have been nothing but fantastic. Just today I put the yellow pair on with a new retro cloth flying helmet and although they're not goggles, I feel like a true flying geek, er, flyboy now. Earphone seals work great on all my helmets now with only a strap passing between them and my head, a lot quieter than when I was using my old sunglasses for the adventure. I plan to be buying these as needed for years. Of course the look takes getting used to, but One of Murphy's Rules is if it's dumb and it works it isn't dumb. I love 'em. Have a look:
Robert - September 17, 2006

Great Glasses
Rating: 5.0 Stars
They look cool, I was issued this in USAF for deployment mobility in prep to deploy to Dessert Shield. I use them today for Raquetball and shooting. Functional. They can stow up pretty well too, flat. The rubber straps won't slip.
Starkie - September 10, 2006

Good to have
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've been useing these frames since the mid 80's, and they are still going strong. I've had several different lens in them, carried them around in my SRT bag in my unit for years, still no problems. I've used them with a dive mask, gas mask, air packs and they work great. I now wear them when I go hunting or 4 wheeling to save my good glases. I wouldn't be without them.
Bruce - August 11, 2006

Glasses for Grunts
Rating: 4.5 Stars
As someone who has worn corrective lenses since a very early age, I can tell you that finding a pair of ‘specs that will hold up to respirator use is nearly impossible – especially for those of us whose scrip is too high to fit into a pair of “Navy Submarine” glasses. These frames are the next best thing to LASIK. One advantage that these have over the OEM in-mask spectacle kits is that they stay on your face after you remove your mask. While the NFPA may not like the breach of face seal, in this instance NFPA stands for Not For Practical Application, especially for firefighters on the street. With these, there’s no digging into your coat for your glasses to finish overhaul or perform an investigation. You can leave your good specs in the rig, and not be blind until you mask up. And in this day of positive-pressure SCBA’s, I can get as long a time with these in place as with my contacts. Yes, you’ll look like an Uber-nerd, but the benefits of these babies outweigh the fashion faux pas. The only drawback (what led me to US Cav for a replacement pair) is the pin that the headband attaches to. After 6 years of banging around in my mask bag, it finally broke. I shouldn’t complain too much – I’m buying another pair, aren’t I?