Safariland 6280 Mid Ride Level II Retention Holster - SAFARILAND
Safariland 6280 Mid Ride Level II Retention Holster
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Rotating hood and tensioning device for increased weapon retention. Optimum combination of safety and performance.
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real protection from weapon draw
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Unlike my old holster which had a thumb snap as it's main securing method, the Safariland raptor and other Safariland holsters which have the hood or bail that rotates over the top of your weapon is by far the best system to maintain control of your sidearm. With little practice an officer can train muscle memory to with one motion engage the thumb button, rotate the hood, rock back on the handle, and draw. During def.tactic training we have put this holster to the test. Even with the hood forward, officers were unable to draw the weapon. This holster when paired with other tactics such as employing a Kabar TDI knife has re-written police tactics to improve weapon retention.
Frederick - March 4, 2007