Gerber Double Serration Silver Trident Knife - Gerber
Gerber Double Serration Silver Trident Knife
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The most technically advanced handle ever engineered on a combat knife.
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Review of the Silver Trident Knife
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've owned the Silver Trident since it was first introduced. The three different cutting surfaces allows the user to cut heavy cordage yet keep the main edge shaving sharp. The guard is very secure and the handle is quite comfortable to hold. The flat buttcap makes an excellent emergency striking surface. The lanyard hole allows for the fitting of a lanyard to prevent loss of the knife in an emergency situation. The scabbard is well designed and built, but I am just a bit disappointed that Gerber did not include its own sharpening kit in the pouch. All things considered, I am very well satisfied with the knife and scabbard. It is well worth the price. I carry it in my Jeep when I go four wheeling as a companion to my Glock in case of varmint problems.
Richard - November 17, 2006