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CamelBak H.A.W.G. Max Gear
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This pack is a favorite of the Navy SEALS. If it's tough enough for them, it's tough enough for anybody.
User Reviews
Perfect blend of weight and carrying capacity
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Being a civilian I don't need a huge backpack like the three day or the motherlodes. This backpack fits perfectly and can hold anything you would reasonably need while outdoors without making one feel like their taking the kitchen sink with them. The durability is outstanding and the 100oz water pack is as rugged as it is reliable, as I have never had any water leak out of the pack even when it was under pressure. I would recommend this to anyone in who goes hiking or on short camping trips.
Alexander - November 19, 2010

Tough as nails
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have used this pack for a few years and have yet to even get a frayed thread. This thing is absolutely bulletproof. I have used it in heavy thorns and brush in Texas, hiking through thick manzanita in California, and everywhere in between. The pack is comfortable, and the load stays steady. The pack is small enough to stay completely out of the way. It doesn't catch on brush when walking like a large pack would. It has a number of small pockets for organizing as well as plenty of space in the main compartment. I also like the insulated hydration compartment- water will stay cold for at least a half day even in serious heat. I wish this pack came in Marpat or Multicam, but the foliage color blends in fairly well in all but arid environments. The price seems a bit high for a smallish pack but due to the durability, it is well worth it.
James - March 10, 2010

Rating: 5.0 Stars
Outstanding product! I've been using it nonstop and I love how durable and lightweight it is. I can stow all of my gear plus a full CamelBak and it still feels great to carry. This bag is great for Search and Rescue!
Marshall - August 18, 2008

rough and practical
Rating: 5.0 Stars
My third hydration system. The best up to now. I use this one mostly for off road biking. It remains stable on the back, it is very solid and the hydration systems at his best (bite valve, on/off, cover, coating to prevent grunge...). I added some high visibility reflective patches on it to be seen from the back at night on african's road. Excellent gear but check if the size is for you. It might be too big (if you have a large waist webbing, it will have to rest on top of if) or too small (it at most a day pack with safety equipment) according to your needs.
Antoine - August 26, 2006

camelbak hawg best hydration the and now
Rating: 5.0 Stars
i bought my first one when they first came out. paid 75 usd and believe it or not the inside tag proudly displayed MADE IN THE USA. in the heat of the desert sitting in my patrol vehicle where the interior would reach 140 parked of course and throughtout a 10 hour shift the water remained cold when i filled it with ice and water at the start of my shift till the end of it. on official and recreational travel all over CONUS and around the world, its been my faithful companion with the large pocket carrying my trusty glock with spare ammo and rain gear or cold gear. smaller front pocket is deep enough to hold bric a brac and it is low key enough and worn looking enough not to draw undue attention from would be thieves or other bad guys. by accident, literaly, it saved my bacon by acting as a flotation device when i blew air into the partially empty bladder after our small banka tipped and sank off some islands in the south china sea and we waited for another outrigger to pluck us out. to this day there are no visible tears or material unraveling or rips and the zippers have never come apart. its so tough that i finaly broke down and bought another newer version. im passing the old one on to my son who loves it and im curious if it will see him through his high school and college years and whatever adventures life has in store for him. i think it will. it did for me and i owe it my life many times over. this is the ZIPPO of hydration packs. its the original and hydrates our soldiers around the globe. the rest are copy cats. thanks camelbak for a truly great AMERICAN invention
v - July 18, 2006

best hydration system I own
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I got one at the Px in Ft Sill almost a year ago, and to be honist I love this thing. I went everywhere with it when I was down in La after Katrina. It holds more than enough water, and I had alot of gear in the pack part. For college students it makes a great back pack too.
Swain - April 21, 2006

A true Bag
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought this bag during SQT. It was really hot and one of my instructors had one so i said why not give it a try. It is by far the best bag i have ever owned. When my platoon gets orders my HAWG comes with me.This bag keeps me hydrated and it carrys my stuff. I love it you should deffiently get one.
Dustin - March 19, 2006

Rating: 5.0 Stars
Extremely well made, easy to clean, rides well. It is so good I am considering purchasing their largest version.
Randy - September 4, 2005