5.11 Tactical Mens Tactical Cotton Pants - 5.11 Tactical
5.11 Tactical Mens Tactical Cotton Pants
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

5.11 Tactical Pants feature the trademark rear slash pockets and utility strap as well as a self-adjusting waistband. Consistently chosen by law enforcement, military and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, the 5.11 Tactical Pant is great for on and off-duty wear.
User Reviews
Best of the Best
Rating: 4.5 Stars
These are without a doubt the cargo pants I've ever worn! I've worn BDUs in the past but I didn't care for the button fly and one size fits most with the inconvenient adjustable waistband. The only thing close now MILSPEC would be the new Navy BDUs but unfortunately I don't need or care for the blue/grey digital cami. I have two sets now and will be getting more before going on deployment next year. Fortunately in my line of work we're allowed a broad choice of uniforms preferences and I'm done with Dickies. They cost almost as much as these if you can find them in the right size or color but they're poorly constructed and there is no QA in the sizes. These on the other hand fit perfectly and the sizes are consistent, so no worries with that as long as you know your size. The price here and at the various exhanges are very close and both are cheaper than buying from 5.11. Bottom line is that I most highly recommend these to anyone needing this type clothing. The quality and price can't be beat. If they were made in the USA I could easily rate these 5-star and I've never rated anything as perfect because until now, I've never found anything. They do however rate 4.5 which is as close to perfect that I can give until they're made in the USA.
John - November 22, 2013

Rating: 5.0 Stars
These pants are a great idea.Too bad Royal Robin designed the exact same pants back in the early nineties.The only drawback to the 5.11's is the crotch area. A bit too baggy.The material and pockets are great,cut the loop off to prevent snags.I would love to have a dozen pairs of these pants if it wasn t for the baggy crotch.Royal Robin doesn t make this model any more but they did fit better,in fact I still have a pair still in use from 95'. Please fix these pants.
lewis - February 3, 2012

decent pants
Rating: 4.5 Stars
decent pants. i was concerned at first about the sizes from other's postings, so i ordered 1 inch larger in the waist and 2 inches longer in length. the fit was fine, length being a little long, so they will be hemmed. pockets are good. they fit well when moving, sitting, standing. my jean size is a 33, so i ordered the 34. slightly loose, but with a t-shirt and regular shirt, they fit fine. the left side magazine pocket works well with a longer knife or magazine. it will not work with a cell phone. at least my cell phone, but that doesn't concern me. time will tell how well they hold up. no fading after 1 wash.
the - December 26, 2010

Old Model
Rating: 3.0 Stars
Just received these trousers and they are the discontinued 5 beltloop type. I wear a holster and the 5 beltloop type is useless to me. It would be alright if they got rid of these old styles through a promotion and warned you what they were, but I paid full price and expected the seven beltloop type as pictured above. That being said, I really like the 5.11 Tactical Cotton Pant and would rate the newest version a five star. Also, they were promptly shipped.
Jon - December 1, 2010

Great gear
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Never thought I'd get excited about a pair of pants but with so many mediocre products these days, it's a welcome change to find something that not just meets but exceeds my expectations. I am hard on my gear but these pants have proven to be very durable, roomy, & comfortable.
Pacific - March 26, 2010

Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have several pairs of these pants, and they are some of the best that I have ever owned. They are comfortable, very practical, and can be worn both casually and when on duty. The materials used are durable and allow for both hot and cold weather use. Again, I can't recommend them enough.
Christopher - September 23, 2009

Rating: 2.0 Stars
I ordered the pants after reading some of the reviews. My experience has not been very good and I would think twice before ordering another pair. After three washings they have faded and the front snap has come out of the waist band and is now useless. I also found carrying a wallet is very uncomfortable when sitting in a vehicle. In summary they are not worth the money.
Carl - January 31, 2009

Deeply disappointed
Rating: 0.5 Stars
Bought two pairs of these assuming they would be practical and comfortable. Unfortunately they are neither. 1. They have elastic bits at the sides, I haven't had that on a pair of trousers since I was 8 years old 2. The cut is terrible, pleated front means enough room to store a double colostomy bag, and it will look like you're wearing one when you sit down with all that excess material. The back isn't cut high enough, sit in a vehicle and the waist band drags downwards, very uncomfortable. 3. The cargo pocket pleat catches gear sticks, door latches and rifle parts etc and rips the material. 4. Bottom of leg turn-up needs reinforcement to stop them fraying on boot lace cleats 5. Blasted velcro on pockets. They need taped button closures instead to allow silent opening of pockets. Velcro wears out, leaving flaps flapping 6. They should be available in 1 inch size steps, I have a 33 inch leg so end up looking like Jacques Tati or Coco the Clown if I don't get the legs tailored I am a fussy when it comes to my kit, and when I pay good money I expect the kit to be right. These trousers are not in any sense of the word. They will not be packed for my next tour.
C - July 19, 2008

Great pants but short
Rating: 4.0 Stars
My first pair were ideal for casual wear during two deployments. I ordered a second pair and encountered the same problem: my 32inch length was about two inches short. Okay when walking around but looking like high-waters when sitting down, in public. I'm giving 5.11 one more shot with the new nylon version, because I really like everything else about the pant. w.leitenberger - 15 jun 08
Walter - June 15, 2008

5.11 tactical pants cotton
Rating: 0.5 Stars
these pants are great for around the house or a day at the mall, but for working go with a blend of 50/50 or 65/35. this cotton pant didn't last me 4 months. needs larger cargo pockets. and has no wallet pocket ... wallet slides down under your leg and is a pain on the road. magizine pocket is small and can not double as cell phone pocket. belt seams didn't hold. the color faded after 2 months. the only good things i liked was the d ring in the front and the knee pad pockets on the inside. the price is way to high for the craftsmanship ... or lack of.. but they are made in hong kong. for the money go with something else.
tom - March 25, 2008

5.11 Tactical cotton pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have worked protectives service in the middle east both in '04 and now in '07 during OIF and each time I've worn the 5.11 tactical pants. They are by far the best I've ever worn! They hold up in the heat and harsh laundry conditions. MA1(SW)W.Esco
Wayne - October 26, 2007

5.11 tactical pants
Rating: 3.5 Stars
In the past three years I have been wearing the 5.11 tactical pants all the time for work. The only problems I can find are the dark blue color starts to fade after a month or so. After about 6 months they get to a point that they become around the house work pants and not duty pants anymore. The last year and a half I've went to the black which for some reason doesn't fade as fast. Also the edge of the pockets tend to wear out(gets frayed)fast. With all of that, I still think these are some of the best duty pants one can buy.
wayne - April 30, 2007

Rating: 5.0 Stars
These are great pants, with great features. But there is always room for improvements.
John - April 21, 2007

Work Great
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've tried alot of different types of pants, and for tactical, or even outdoor pants, these are the best I've used. But I do agree that expanding cargo pockets would be a benefit.
Dan - March 3, 2007

Not only great pants, SUPERIOR service
Rating: 5.0 Stars
ERIC - November 2, 2006

Rating: 4.0 Stars
Why doesn't 5.11 lose the strap on the back of these pants. It was there back when they were Royal Robbins pants for climbing to put your carabiner on. Serves no purpose on the pant now!
Robert - November 1, 2006

Outstanding Trousers
Rating: 5.0 Stars
My 5.11's are the best I've ever worn. The fit is just right, both in the waist and length. There's not a lot of excess material that would give a baggy appearance, yet there is ample freedom of movement. The wearability is excellent, still looking good after many, many trips to the laundry. With medium starch, they hold a sharp crease and are more stain-resistant than just plain wash and wear. Quality of workmanship detail is very good. Top Choice!!
Stewart - October 6, 2006

5.11's are great, only minor complaints
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Overall these are great pants. I wore a pair for 20 weeks of training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. After multiple washes they still seem brand new. Only a couple of minor complaints: The leg tapers down to far, a boot cut would be better, also as one other reviewer pointed out, expanding cargo pockets would be a plus. Otherwise, I highly reccomend them.
Jason - May 14, 2006

These pants are a must!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I was unsure about these pants at first, how could they compair to regular jenes. Well, they are so much better. They are a must!
Michael - November 7, 2005

5.11s Great!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These are great tactical pants! The are extremely durable. US Cav got these to me quickly and they are excellent.
Robert - November 4, 2005

Poor quality control by 5.11
Rating: 2.5 Stars
These are comfortable pants and I like wearing them. My complaint is that out of four pair I have purchased, only one had the correct inseam. The other three were one to two inches shorter than the labeled. US Cav has exchanged my most recent purchase without any problems, I’m just annoyed at 5.11’s lack of quality control.
Jim - October 18, 2005

excellent product
Rating: 4.5 Stars
these pants are well made and extremely durable. The only recommendation I could make is that the cargo pockets be one to two inches longer and a true expanding type cargo pocket.
Leon - September 19, 2005

police advisor
Rating: 5.0 Stars
good working pants
vee - September 10, 2005

Takin the heat...
Rating: 5.0 Stars
My name is John and i'm a contractor currently assigned to the middle east. I'd like to say thanks to Dan Costa, and all the men and women that make 5.11 Tactical Pants- I can't find anyone in this part of the world that doesn't like them. Great comfort at the upper end of the thermometer, despite 90 percent humidity. All of my Levi's and desert BDU's got packed away for another time. These pants are all I need to get by. Keep up the good work!