Ontario Knife Company 18 In. Sawback Military Machete - Ontario Knife Company
Ontario Knife Company 18 In. Sawback Military Machete
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

1095 Black oxide coated steel blade. Sawtooth blade.
User Reviews
Best money spent in a lifetime
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought one of these ten years ago and have used it every time I go out camping. PRO's This thing has cut through 18 inch diameter trees, banged up on rocks accidentally multiple times, even fell in the fire for a few minutes before it could be retrieved with a stick... Handle didn't even melt at all. The machete is still alive and used today, all of my friends always ask is that THE machete??? and yeah it is. Ontario Knife did one hell of a job with this thing and I also purchased a backup one and I also purchased the Ontario Knife SP8 Machete for the $50 price tag which I will also write a review on (great review for that too). I have had quite a few friends do a comparison on this Machete to theirs and none come even close to this one. This Machete does not bend or is not flexible in any way. High quality steel with a black oxide finish. If Chuck Norris owned a Machete, this would be it. CON's It does not come with a sheath which I never purchased one either. But it does come with a cardboard cover which has actually been used for ten years now and is still good enough since I just put it in my camping bag. The handle will blister your hand when chopping down those massive logs. Wear gloves. Overall: This Machete will last longer than you in life. It will break you before you can break it. If I lost mine, I would buy this again if it was $100 dollars.
Benjamin - September 14, 2012

Great machete
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Comes dull, I sat down with a sandstone and sharpened it, it can hold a good edge, but it was an annoyance to have it come so blunt. The part where it starts to curve was particularly annoying to sharpen. If you can deal with that, you've got the best machete I've used yet. The blade's nice and thick, and doesn't bend. The handle feels fine and doesn't slip. The saw works well for cutting branches, or going around the outside of a log then snapping it by jumping on it.
Lee - July 22, 2010

New design?
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I just got another one of these machetes. I got one these about 12 years ago. It has held up pretty darn well and it holds an edge. The rivets in the handle pop loose on these and I'm sorry to see that Ontario Knives hasn't used another way to attach the handle. The blade is different on the new one - it's got some kind of coating on it. The old one came with a sturdy plastic sheath with a built-in sharpener and clips to attach to standard Alice packs. This one came with no sheath but they offer a nylon one. Overall, I'm disappointed with the new design and would recommend finding a different manufacturer.
Matthew - April 22, 2006

Rating: 5.0 Stars
i've have had at least 7 of these in the last 18 years (heavy use) extremly tough you'll wear out before it does , i would have put a $50 price tag on it $20 is a unreal price for this quality cvw
chris - October 9, 2005