Ontario Knife Company 18 In. Military Machete - Ontario Knife Company
Ontario Knife Company 18 In. Military Machete
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

1095 black oxide coated steel blade.
User Reviews
Perfect match
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This machete is really great. I own an urban vegetable and fruit garden and this is a great instrument to quickly pull down old plants such as worn out sun flowers and to cut them into tiny pieces so they can form humus for next year's growing purposes. It is very pragmatic and practical in use and solid as a rock. Sharpened it two times now and the iron is very firm. A real rocker!
Erik - October 31, 2013

Majestic Machete!!!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Ive had one of these bush beauties since the mid 80, and it's stil going very strong. And now I wil offer one for my best friend's birthday. Yes, and I keep falling in love my GI issue as much as when I first fell for her in 1986. CONSIDERING THE PRICE ALSO,.. IT IS A REAL BARGAIN BEAUTY!!! A solid 5 star item in the woods.
Dr. - April 18, 2013

Great Machete
Rating: 5.0 Stars
For the money, this is one of the best machetes that you can get. Once you have this, this will be the only one you will ever need. It is rugged, inexpensive, easy to sharpen, and it will get everything you need. I got this because of the carbon steel blade. Stainless will just chip really fast and is a pain to sharpen. For the price, it blows all similar priced items out of the water and IT IS MADE IN THE USA! There are other options but they are at a much higher price to get the same quality of item.
Ryan - May 15, 2012

handle of machete
Rating: 5.0 Stars
The knnife is the best leverage of any I have ever bought globally. I have bought over 35 of these. the handle issue is simple You wrap the handle with colored electrical tape until it is thick enough an dpadded for a great non slippery grip this is easy to rinse and clean and never gets torn and you can re wrap it Makes the handle padded and super easy to grip. Elan Star hawaii
elan - September 4, 2009

Great tool, regardless of price
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I needed a good durable machete on a low budget and chose this one. I recently limbed and cut in half an 8in diameter downed tree, and the machete doesn't show a scratch. Good choice.
Reese - June 8, 2008

It's pretty good...
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Just one problem...the handle. The blade (as far as I can tell) is great. It's very strong, capable, and the handle DOES keep intact very well. But the blade, it's heavy. The handle, is somewhat slippery. It's kinda hard to grip, it would've been better if there was a guard on the back of the lower part of the handle, but there wasn't, and everytime I swung the thing it felt like it was gonna slip right out've my hand.
Cavik - October 24, 2007

Best value for a machete ever made
Rating: 5.0 Stars
My father has a military issue machete still in use since 1974 when they were made in the USA. This new production blade is made by Ontario Knife and is identical to the 1974 version except that it is even slightly thicker. There will be no handsaw jiggle with this machete. Twice as thick as comparable commercial machetes that flop and bend. There is no reason not to own one of these machetes.
Corey - July 16, 2007