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New Style USMC Utility Cover w/o Emblem (NYCO Ripstop)
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The newest USMC regulations require the utility cover to be stitched completely around the top for a sharp, professional look.
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Not to Scale
Rating: 3.0 Stars
I recently received this cover and noticed something odd about it. At first I couldn't figure it out but I pulled out one of my actual issue covers and compared side by side and the difference was obvious. For some reason the manufacturer scaled-down this cover because this new one is an inch shorter in height from the bottom of the headband to the top of the cover and the overall appearance is smaller also. Now, instead of correctly sitting on your head without the top of your head bulging the top of cover out, you have to pull it down a bit more so it will stay on your head. Unfortunately instead of a sharp crisp appearance, it looks sloppy like an unknowing civilian or Gomer Pyle wearing it. This scaled-down version would like right on a kid/teen but not on an adult. I will not be wearing this cover but will give it to one of my grandkids if they want it. I recommend for the manufacturer and USC check their inventory to make sure this is the exception of a mislabled lot of kids versions rather than the norm. This cover was on back order for a very long time so this indicates to me the manufacturer was behind schedule and rushed this production run to meet requirements but with little quality control.
John - November 22, 2013

Semper Fi
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This product says Discipline when you view it. Just as the men and women who wear it The Marines. It is distinguished sleek and well made.
Adonis - November 6, 2005