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NDūR Survival Tin
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Everything you need for emergency survival in a convenient, compact tin.
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Needs Immprovment
Rating: 3.0 Stars
Let me begin by saying this kit has disadvantages and advantages over the comparable BCB (nato) Combat Survival tin. It is aluminium and therefore reflective. Good if you want to signal or find it in the dark after you dropped it, Bad If you are trying to hide. Unlike the commparable BCB tin it does not have an integrated handle making suspending this over a campfire difficlut. It also lacks the rubber seal that BCB supplies with it's kits. So once the electical tape is removed its watertight properties are lost. -The knife that is included is worthless in all aspects, replace it. -The steel striker included is of more use than the knife as it is larger and serrated but lacks significant carbon content making it less effective as a stricker, replace it with a hacksaw blade. The saftey pins, purification tablets, wire saw, and pencil are adequet. Replace the standard candle with a beeswax one for a longer burn time. The matches are far superior to the paper matches included in the BCB survival tin! They are the same as the wet-winders used by the british army. -The sewing kit only contains black or tan (all you need) and Is better in my view than the rainbow colored kit supplied by BCB. -The fishing kit contains the right sized hook and line but huge connectors and sinker, as well as no preserved bait, casting spoon, or jig, add one of these listed as well as some small split shot sinkers and smaller connectors and barrel swivels. The whistle provided is rather large (but is orange) and does clip on and lay flat against your pocket/belt. I reccomend replacing it with the Orange UST jetsccream for volume and size concerns. -The compass provided is 20mm. and includes degrees for reference. Its not luminous but it is easy to seperated from the casing which has degrees labled. Take it apart and replace is with a 20mm. luminous compass. -The Survival Instructions are waterproof and can be used to collect water. They are easy to read and are very applicable. They also include a accident/injury evaluation card but waste valuable room advertising other proforce products on the back of the survival instructions. -Things to add (there is allot of spare room in the tin) 1) 2 Sheets of write in the rain notebook paper 2) Bandaids, Alcohal Wipes, pain killers, caffine pills. 3) Some form of fire tidner. 4) And finally a signal mirror. -Wrap the lip of the larger part of the tin where the lid meets it with one revolution of electrical tape to create a watertight friction seal, Also aids in keeping the lid on when the outer wrap of electrical tape is removed.
Brennen - June 8, 2012

Rating: 0.5 Stars
This product is very misleading as it advertises to sell a Combat Survival Tin (which the SAS) does not use) manufactured by BCB International (who supplies all of NATO)and when clicked to purchase the item it is actually manufactured by Pro Force who offers cheap copies of the real thing.
John - July 30, 2009

an ok thing to have
Rating: 3.5 Stars
when i got this thing the fishing hooks were mest up. it does not come with a lot things it saed it did. but i would buy it agin.
jimmy - June 29, 2008