Danner 8 In. Acadia Boot - Danner
Danner 8 In. Acadia Boot
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Loaded with great features -- including a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex bootie, Cambrelle lining and a 1000D Cordura nylon upper.
User Reviews
Great Boot, Fits Narrow
Rating: 4.5 Stars
This is a great, US made boot by a great, US company that is completely waterproof (unless the water is over the top), comfortable, and will last forever since it can be resoled. The only knock is that it runs narrow compared to many shoes and boots the same size. I would recommend ordering a wider boot that you would normally.
John - January 17, 2013

Bad Ass Boot ( The Beast )
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I can only say that this boot is like the TANK for feet. I'm now in the process of purchasing my second pair. I love them. fYI They just LOVE candle wax... Now most like any other bot or shoe, a little rough at first till broken it, after that it's as if your feet enter Into a holster. Good luck with your purchase.
Casey - January 25, 2012

great work boot
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I work in a gravel pit and have owned many diffrent brands of boot (red wings, timberland, wolverine, cabellas, ect.) I was at the cabellas store in the bargan cave and spoted the danner acaida boot. For 1/2 the orginal price and no visable defects I figured I would try out this boot. I have always herd of danner relibility and made in the usa still means something to me. Let me start this review by saying I use to wear wolverine boots for the dura shock. They feel good and last me a good year before they are worn out. Now the danner. Ihave owned the acaida for my ususal one year in the dirt mud snow and heat, and they have little signs of wear. the leather is not dry cracked arround the bend of the toe (usually the first thing to fail) and all the stiching is looking good as well. As with all boots I have owned they get oiled twice a year with obenauf's HD boot conditioner. From what i can see I will easly get another year out of these boots. This will be the first pair of boots to last more than one full year. To go into detail about what that means for me, I wear my boots ALOT more than the average guy. I work 10 to 12 hrs a day 7 days a week most of the time so my boots are on my feet 10 hrs a day for at least 355 days a year. I love these boots and am a buyer till they give me a reason not to. The only thing keeping them from a perfict score is that they are a little slick when wet on smooth things like tile or metal but i am again in the dirt so this dose not bother me much.
wayne - January 2, 2012

Best yet
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have had seven pairs of Danners in the past seventeen years. I have owned so many because my brothers - even though we are all grown men - keep taking them on me. They're THAT nice. I work in a pretty demanding environment where your footwear means everything. Because of this, I have ruled out almost every other form of footwear. You get what you pay for, so you may as well get the best, and the Danner Acadia fits the bill.
edward - October 14, 2010

Not worth it!
Rating: 0.5 Stars
I am a police officer in Alabama and was looking for a comfortable pair of waterproof boots that are long lasting or that could be resoled. Boy did these ever miss the mark! I was a little skeptical about the Danner's due to the price, but figured that you get what you pay for. Let me start by saying that the boots look great. When I got them, I noticed that they did not have removable insoles like every other pair of boots that I have owned (Original SWAT, Bates, Ridge, Magnum, Oakley). However, they did come with the airthotics. I read and found that the mid-sole/in-sole are integrated into the sole under the Gore-Tex liner. Also, the seam for the Gore-Tex Liner is located in the middle of the foot bed which travels the length of the boot which I found to be very uncomfortable when walking. Besides Ridge, I would have to say that these are the most uncomfortable boots that I have ever worn. Also, I found out that the traction is not that great on wet floors. For the price, Danner leaves comfort lacking!
George - December 1, 2008

Benchmark for boots
Rating: 4.5 Stars
These are the best boots I ever had. Bought them in 2000 and I could still use them! The only thing is that they need a new sole. They are the most comfortable boots out of the box I've ever had. I wore them year round, ajusting the type of sock with the weather. They've recently been issued to our tactical unit. They're pretty much like running shoes or houseshoes since they're so comfy.Those are the boots I compare every pair I'm issued or that I buy to.
Dominic - December 7, 2007

Best Boot Around
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have owned every make of boot from Altama to Wolverine, Red Wing to Matterhorn, and these Danner Acadia boots are simply the most comfortable boots I have ever own. I can't even last a full day in my Red Wings anymore because I have gotten so used to the comfort level of my Danners that I have pretty much replaced all of my different types of boots with different styles of Danners. Danner really does make a great boot that is worth the price.

Most comfortable boots I have ever worn
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Fit like a glov from first time I put them on. First pair lasted 15 years and many miles before the uppers were too worn to resole. Even with the uninsulated boots my feet were warm when winter hunting and not moving in a deer stand. Absolutly the best boots I have ever owned.