U.S. Cavalry Saber
U.S. Cavalry Saber
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During the Civil War era, a U.S. Cavalry soldiers saber was his trademark.
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Excellent Replica/Historical Note
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've owned U.S. Cavalry's replica Heavy Sabre for many years now & find it to be an outstanding replica for Civil War reenactors or just an edged weapons enthusiast. It should be noted that this it not the U.S. 1841 Heavy Dragoon Sabre (The Old Wristbreaker) which has a curved blade but rather a sabre of Prussian design that was imported to the U.S. & often used by both Regulars & State/Volunteer forces even though it was not the standard issue. I have seen photos of individual Federal troops with this weapon so there is documentation as to it's use. But I do advise against everyone in the unit carrying one if reenacting Regular Cavalry as the 1840/1860 curved would be more common. U.S. Cavalry also stocks a terrific replica of the Model 1860.
Michael - June 13, 2007

Very nice!!
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I am impressed with the quality and price - definitely a great value!
Ronald - June 4, 2007