Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Pack - Eberlestock
Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Pack
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A little shorter than the popular Skycrane II, but has more generous side/main butterfly compartments.
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Excellent Pack!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought this pack looking for a modern real frame tactical-style pack capable of hauling heavy loads. The major thing that attracted me was the use of the ALICE frame. I have an ancient Medium ALICE pack I bought surplus ages ago that I have hiked/camped with all over and it always shrugged heavy loads off like a champ, even with the junky straps and creaky noises. The beauty of the Warhammer is that it combines the amazing load hauling capability of the ALICE frame with a modern pack and straps. A winning combination. I took mine on a trip immediately after I received it, loaded up to over 50-60lbs (using the J51 + G1 Little Brother zipped in to the load bay and + LP1 Top Pack on top) easy and while the pack was extremely heavy, it disappeared once on my back, just like an ALICE-framed pack is supposed to. Eberlestock does an awesome job of bringing the ALICE frame in to the 21st century. Not to mention the pure expandability of the pack! If you're looking for a no-nonsense pack that will take literally everything you throw at it without blinking an eye, look at the J51 Warhammer.
Patrick - November 21, 2011