Under Armour 6 In. Gore-Tex Speed Freek Boot - Under Armour
Under Armour 6 In. Gore-Tex Speed Freek Boot
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

6 inch waterproof boot designed to provide ankle protection and support for stability both on and off road.
User Reviews
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These boots are the bomb. Just got mine in multicam delivered super fast from U S Cavalry as always and they are light years beyond my already high expectations!! I wear size 11 1/2 and they fit like a glove. My previous pair were the the OTB Bushmaster from U S Cavalry and I loved them too, but they weren't waterproof and I've worn them out after 2 years of very hard use. I'll be buying another pair of those for dry summer wear, but these UA Speedfreaks will be my main go-to boot from now on. Simply amazing boots deserving of five stars plus!
Jon - March 20, 2013

Great Boots, Nice look, but not for long hikes
Rating: 3.0 Stars
This boot has its pros and cons. Gore-tex is wonderful and the multicam goes really good with the boot. Although they dont have much support for your feet unless you by your own soles. They were almost brand new and was surprised on how fast they wore down. If you are a hiker, I recommend that you buy Danners so you wont have problems. These boots arent really for hikers. They are light weight and have ankle support but definitly wont last if you do alot of miles. Youll feel all the rocks on trails after a few weeks of hiking. I actaully used the warranty on them once because the bottom lost its tread. The white pieces you see on the bottom of the boot (as in the picture above) come off if you go through rugged areas. Really just a hunters boot. Not military approved.
Michael - January 8, 2013

Awesome Boots
Rating: 5.0 Stars
So i was a bit skeptical at first because i have never worn a suppossed light weight boot that offered great foot protection but this is the real deal. After a full day of hiking uphill in Colorado mountains the only part of me that didnt hurt was my feet. Easy to get on and if you tie them tight like one would a shoe lace they dont slide on your foot at all while at the same time not strangling circulation. They resist water very well. i say resist as they work well for low streams but if you jump into a lake expect these to get soaked. The boots get a great grip (especially on uneve3n surfaces.) And the ankle support is awesome. (I would have rolled both my ankles if i had tried hiking in tennis shoes with no support. Definetely desrves the 5/5 rating.
Alexander - May 18, 2012

Speed Freak Boot
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I go through alot of boots as I hike several times a week often traveling 3-5 miles in one outing.For the first time in a while I was surpised by a pair of boots these are light as a feather and very well built just a joy to wear on long hikes. Size wise I normally wear a 8.5 wide but they were not a stocked size so I went with 9M they fit perect sizeing seems true compared to other boots and shoes I own. I could go on and on but to keep it short these are great boots. I will buy another pair for myself.
Cody - March 8, 2012

Wow, was I surprised
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I got a pair of these in Black about 6 months ago looking for light weight boots. I honestly didn't expect them to hold up with me wearing them everyday & really beating the heck out of them. These boots hold their own against anything. The gore-tex liner was amazing. Walked through mud & water above the ankle in 30 degrees, my feet were the only body part warm & dry. The weight (.5-1lb)of the boots is the big selling point. You get a tough/rugged boot with great ankle support that's light enough to run/jump/climb in without exerting any additional energy. This is particular important to me bc I'm an above-knee amputee, but I'm active & the outdoors type so sneakers just don't cut it. The light weight doesn't have the effect on walking that regular weight boots do that cause me to work harder. I know there are vets out there that want to get back in the game so to speak, and plenty of civilians that are just unlucky enough to lose a leg...THIS IS THAT BOOT YOU LOOK FOR. I know as far as a review, amputees are probably an extremely small market, but there's a lot of us out there with a pile of barely worn boots in the back of the closet that just didn't get the job done or were just too heavy. It would be nice if this review saved even one guy the trouble of having to go through a half dozen brands to find a great boot like this. only con: design doesn't allow you to swap out the laces with para-cord or stronger laces...they haven't broke on me yet though.
Brian - December 13, 2011