Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Earmuff - Howard Leight
Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Earmuff
Average Rating: Average Rating: 5 Stars

Amplifies sound and automatically blocks hazardous gunfire noise.
User Reviews
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Shipping was excellent , had them deliverd in 2 days from ordering.I have always used regular ear muffs. Done a lot of research before buying these. They are everything that I had read about. If you are like me and looking for a good set of electronic earmuffs you have found them. Nice comfortable fit and easy to fold and store. US Calvary experience excellent.
STEVE - December 16, 2011

Rating: 5.0 Stars
This is my first set of this type of earmuff. I've always used plain earmuffs, or the sponge type inserts. When turned up high, you can hear a bug fart, then autonomously they muffle the blast of your weapon. One issue is they do make contact with the stock when held up to aim, but not enough to cause problems.
Eric - June 16, 2011