Blackhawk 7.5 In. Tall Tanto Boot - Blackhawk
Blackhawk 7.5 In. Tall Tanto Boot
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A tall version of the Tanto Light Hiker, built for comfort and stability on and off duty, whether on the street or on the trail.
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Does not comply with 670-1
Rating: 0.5 Stars
First and formost, if you're in the military, these do not comply with 670-1. They are not rough out leather, and no commander in his right mind will let you wear this (learned this the hard way). Second, they are vinyl, they will not break into your feet, they make your feet sweat like crazy, and the just plain don't feel good. I've got a pair of blackhawks other boots. They are much better in every aspect, but they are breaking down a bit quick.
Andrew - June 14, 2011