Condor SIERRA Hooded Fleece Jacket - Condor
Condor SIERRA Hooded Fleece Jacket
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

The Sierra is similar to the popular Condor fleece jacket now with added hood and armor compatible chest pockets.
User Reviews
Poor Quality
Rating: 2.5 Stars
Made in China crap. The first time I wore it in Afghanistan, I discovered a pocket seam that was not properly closed so I immediately had a hole in the pocket. I expected more and would not have purchased had I known that it was made in China.
Mary - January 31, 2013

Not too shabby
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Been wanting a similar hoodie made by another maker for the past couple of years, but was never able to justify the cost of that particular piece of gear, not too mention that they are frequently out of stock. Than I found out about the Condor Sierra Hoodie. For under $70.00 bucks I thought why not. First impressions are pretty good. Seems well made, zippers are sturdy (I haven't had any of the issues others have mentioned), pockets are actually fairly functional also. The fleece, while not polartec, seems like it would do a fairly good job of providing warmth and some wind protection. Overall I am pretty pleased and happy I was able to find this for such a reasonable price and didn't end up buying one from that other brand.
greg - September 21, 2012

Almost perfect.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
The jacket is perfect, sept it needs pockets for you hands. There are pockets for all your electronics. It fits great and its nice and warm. Good construction and good quality material.I think anyone who is looking for a jacket as durable and adaptable as they are you should get this jacket.
J.R. - January 11, 2011

Pretty Good
Rating: 4.5 Stars
This jacket is great. I like the pockets, the fit, its warm, and its functional. There are a lot of issues with stitching though, it could have been a lot cleaner like it is on the soft shell. That said, it doesn't change the functionality, and even though the zippers on this seem of lesser quality than the soft shell. These haven't broken, which is promising. By far my go to fleece for just about everything.
Jonathan - December 26, 2010

Rating: 5.0 Stars
Nice… Thanks US Cavalry for the fast shipping on my new Sierra micro fleece by Condor. It got here in two days. Great service. I already have several jackets styles made by Condor so when the Hooded Fleece came out I didn’t think twice about it. The Sierra is perfect for our cooler weather here in Indianapolis. Be sure to buy the next size larger if you plan on layering clothing. I am 6 foot 200lbs I got the XXL and it fits me perfectly. A true earth maggot will respect the style and comfort of this Hoodie.It is just like the Condor Soft Shell except the outer cover is fleece. The price is perfect if you look at other jacket of similar style. Right out of the box this hoodie looks like a winner. I have had many complements from the Law Enforcement community on all my Jackets from Condor. I carry weapons plain clothed and the next size larger jacket helped to cover the weapons printing (Glock). The zippers I coated very lightly with Chap Stick to lubricate the zipping motion. The hood its self is okay but needs adjusted / sewed with hook pile squares to draw it closed to the back of the jacket. This also helps to keep water, snow, and other stuff out. The Sierra fits very well with base II shirt, and civilian armor / Kevlar under the jacket for plain clothes ops. I knew Condor would have a winner with this Hoodie style jacket. I buying the OD next. Thanks US Cavalry
Dan - December 3, 2010

A great buy... extremely versitile.
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I bought this in OD green and am really impressed. The pockets are fully sewn into the jacket so they don't flop around with lots of cargo inside (like a concealed carry piece and extra mag). It is extremely warm when combined with my ECWCS parka and will become a mid-layer for colder days on the mountain. The hood is such an amazing idea and is rarely seen on others fleeces like this. Perfect for cold mornings or laying around the house. My only gripe are the size of the arms, they seem to be extremely large compared to the torso. Also nice is the extended back, so that the fleece doesn't ride up in the back and make you cold. I have gotten several compliments from beautiful women since I began wearing this fleece, mostly on the fleece itself, not me. Recommended and will no doubt be a Christmas present for several family members.
Benjamin - November 7, 2010