Fox 4 In. SAS Tactical Leg Holster - Fox Tactical
Fox 4 In. SAS Tactical Leg Holster
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Made for the Glock 17, available in left or right hand draw.
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Flawed Design
Rating: 1.0 Stars
This arrived and are to be paired up with XD40's. Weapon slid in, sat properly, easy to draw. We were initially very pleased. Went to slide spare mags into the provided pocket. The pocket is by far too small for even the 12rd mags. This is a major issue for us. Also went to attach spare MOLLE style mag pouches onto the sides and these too did not stay attached well (not that great of an issue, this was more of a check and see since we tend to carry 5 mags+). In my experience for the size weapon this holster would take easily and comfortably there are only two weapons (sub compacts) that the mags would fit. This is a fatal flaw for those of us who carry on a regular basis. Make sure you have smaller mags if you order this holster.
jonathan - October 10, 2013