Tactical Research by Belleville MultiCam Khyber Mountain Hybrid Boot - Tactical Research by Belleville
Tactical Research by Belleville MultiCam Khyber Mountain Hybrid Boot
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Deeply serrated Heel Kicker aids in braking & arresting a slide and rappelling bars on outsole to extend wear.
User Reviews
awesome work boot for 1 year
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I'm a factory worker. I've worked outside in mud and gravel, ankle deep in water and food, crawling, standing on ceramic tiles that are covered in soapy water or sugary foods. I've hiked on every terrain imaginable in these boots in every weather condition. These are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn in my entire life. They still are incredibly comfortable, but I have completely worn them out in less than a year. Most of the triple stitch seams are busted around the sole. The vibram outsole is still mostly there except on the paw which has been worn almost bald. Amazing traction, saves energy when walking on slippery floors for 10 or more hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. I probably ran out the mileage on these boots long before the 9 month mark, but they were still comfortable. They aren't waterproof in the least, and although breathable, my socks were still damp and sweaty at the end of the day, probably because the inner lining completely wore out after a few months. I would imagine for hiking, these boots would last much longer than a year, which is why I'm going to buy a new pair. I recommend cleaning them weekly if you get into mud, I think that will help the stitches last longer. At the end of a long hard day, my feet are still a little sore and achy, but I've compared these boots to others and these make the day go by much more quickly and with much less pain. These are definitely not meant for extremely cold weather, but perform well in a few inches of snow. Just wear some polyester or wool socks and brush the snow off once you go indoors and they are a great 3 and a half season boot.
Carlos - February 3, 2013

Needs different upper eyelets
Rating: 4.0 Stars
9 years Army. This boot is very comfortable, liked the quality (Too bad it's made in China)Good traction and ankle support. My major beef is the upper eyelets. Wish they would have used the speed lace eyelets. The current eyelets don't allow for quick lacing, but since I'm no longer military that feature isn't important to me.
Charles - September 19, 2012

good comfortable boot
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I have owned these boots over a year now and Im very pleased. They are a boot that feels like a sneaker. Along with great ankle support the Khyber Mt. fits like a glove. The only con about it would be the eyelits for the shoestrings. They tend to restrict string movement some but it is manageable. I recomend this boot to anyone.
Michael - August 17, 2012

From sad feet to happy feet
Rating: 5.0 Stars
My work schedule oftentimes prevents me from sitting down for ten hours or longer. Streetwear sneakers left me limping by the end of a shift. After Khyber Mountain Hybrid's first 12-hour workday, my feet could tell the difference – I think they could've kept going for 12 more.
Carla - June 16, 2011

Comfortable boots
Rating: 4.0 Stars
These boots are comfortable. A little breaking in ,and they are good to go. I will say that they are a little narrow as stated by other reviewers. And the lacing portion is a PITA. The speed laces are not as speedy, and the actual metal runners on the upper portion of the boot actually create friction and prevent a speedy donning of the boots. But overall quality seems very good and they are comfortable indeed.
Jerry - December 9, 2010