EHS Ear Bone Mic 2-Way Headset - Earhugger Safety Equipment
EHS Ear Bone Mic 2-Way Headset
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Integrates speaker and microphone into one compact unit.
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Not so much...
Rating: 0.5 Stars
Myself and the guys on my team received this after they were bought on a suggestion. Worst suggestion ever. Feels as if someone is jamming a pencil into your ear drum. Reached out to the mfr. to see if maybe we were doing something wrong (not that difficult to cram something into your ear)and was sent instructions on how to use it. The instructions looked as if they were written by a 5 year old with multiple spelling errors and letters omitted from words. The ear insert is hardwired so I couldn't even utilize the rest of the piece of gear with my ear tube I currently operate with. Great idea, but completely missed the mark on usability/comfort. Unless you have abnormal ear canals (I say this because none of my teammates liked it either) I would steer clear of this in my opinion. Would be a great product with some tweaking.
Matthew - June 15, 2012