Tru-Spec TRU Xtreme 50/50 NyCo Ripstop Shirt - TRU-SPEC
Tru-Spec TRU Xtreme 50/50 NyCo Ripstop Shirt
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

An updated version of the Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) Shirt with new features for durability and convenience.
User Reviews
Great shirt with potential to be even better
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I can't speak for the military guys, but as a recreational shooter who doesn't need a ballistic vest, I think this is the best casual shooting/hunting shirt on the market. The superfabric elbows, combined with an insertable thin neoprene pad (not mentioned in the video) are awesome. You get non-slip protection from rocks and hard surfaces without the annoyance, sweat, and chafe of dedicated elbow pads--you don't think about them, they're just in the right place all the time. If you shoot with a velcro sling like a quick-cuff, you can grab a little of the insignia velcro on the shoulder and the sling will never ever slide down your bicep. The nifty data holder on the sleeve is nice for keeping your dope or a terrain sketch handy. The zip front makes it easy to cool off when you're you're hot and the shirt just generally fits well. What they could do to make it better? After you shoot about 30-50 rounds of mid-caliber rifle (especially prone), the seam across your shoulder pocket grinds the living snot out of your shoulder--this needs some work. Much more minor: a velcro tab on the data-holder thingy and on the sleeve to hold it open when you want your dope constantly accessible would be nice. I'd also watch what you put in the zipped bicep pockets since mine have an occasional tendency to open and dump stuff out. But they have real pockets with velcro you can use instead. Overall, I really like this shirt and have bought a second one. It's super comfortable with a good design and a lot of well-considered features.
scott - November 9, 2012