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ITW Military Products Fastmag Gen III
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Reduces reloading cycle time by eliminating bungees or flaps! Adjustable tension allows it to be mounted with mag pointed down.
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I used the FASTMAG System for my ready mags while down range primarily for three-row single chest rig applications. I attached nylon pouches to the front of each FastMag which allowed me to carry other items like 9mm mags. The friction force to remove mags is adjustable, so I could set it up for easy and quick mag access for fast re-load. For MOUT OPS I also used 2 FASTMAG on a drop leg panel, which gave me easy access to ready mags while in crouched or kneeling positions. The elastic rubber bands are not even necessary, it works without any. Or you can add more bands for tight fit. I ran out and used the rubber live strong wrist bands that are available anywhere. Good to Go.
JON - April 13, 2010