Condor Double Rifle Case - Condor
Condor Double Rifle Case
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4.5 Stars

Accommodates two rifles and includes three detachable pouches.
User Reviews
Excellent Case
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Works great and appears to be well made. I compared it to the 511 Dbl Rifle case like another reviewer posted....based on bringing my Condor case to the local 511 retailer, it appeared as if they were in fact the same case. With the difference being only in price...the Condor was $89.99 and the 511 was $119.99. I've been using the Condor for 2 years now and have found nothing really objectionable about it. It regularly holds my AR's, my AK's, my Ruger GSR, my 10/22's,my Marlin's etc with no problems and no scratches etc. I don't habitually throw my cased rifles or my rifle cases all over the parking lot, but it has been dropped a few times and been used normally at the range. The shoulder straps are functional and moderately comfortable, although I wouldn't want to go on a 40 mile hump carrying two scoped rifles with it. The detachable MOLLE packs on the side are useful and can make it easier to carry additional stuff to/from the range. I've abused the zippered side compartment under the detachable MOLLE packs/pockets several times by over stuffing it with spare mags etc for the range I haven't seen any signs of wear or damage to either the zippers or the material. Its not a Pelican case, but its still good quality gear I would buy again.
Thomas - August 12, 2013

All Around Versatile Case
Rating: 5.0 Stars
An awesome weapons case. Holds my Remington 870, Berreta M-9, and enough ammo for a pleasant afternoon at the reange.
David - April 26, 2012

Condor® Double Rifle Case
Rating: 3.5 Stars
I am pretty disappointed in the quality of this product, especially after having waited nearly three months for it to arrive. I recently received the Condor® Rip-Away EMT pouch and was thrilled with the quality. Unfortunately the Condor® Double Rifle Case had the -Made in China- look all over it. The seams appear poorly sewn together. The shoulder straps look reminiscent of those on a Vietnam War era Alice pack. The idea behind this double rifle bag is very similar to the 5.11 double rifle bag. The Condor® Double Rifle Case is not terrible. It is certainly better than my last rifle bag, but I would advise anyone in the market for a double rifle bag to bite the bullet and buy the one that 5.11 offers. I think this rifle bag would be great for airsoft, but I would hesitate to trust my life to this bag.
Zachary - June 30, 2010

Great Value
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have always been an avid shooter with a desire to have the best quality equipment I could afford. Over the years I have owned hundreds of different pouches, bags, cases, etc., but rarely come accross a product of this quality for the price. This has to be the absolute best value in a soft rifle bag. The layout and placement of the various options (of which there are many), will accomodate everything one may need for an operation or simply a day at the range. There is plenty of protection for all of your gear. I like this product so well that I have purchased several and show them off every chance I get. Grab one for yourself while they are still available at this price. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
John - June 21, 2010