Gerber D.M.F. Knife - Gerber
Gerber D.M.F. Knife
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An automatic knife that springs into action with either the right or left hand.
User Reviews
Solid knife
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've owned it for two years now, it was a self bought birthday present. I'm not one to write a review often, but figured after two years of owning it, sharpening it, and slicing many a thing with it, it's probably due one. Works well with gloves, or the lack thereof. Solid build, with some decent weight. Blade stands up to it's purpose, whether that be sawing with the serrated edge, or slicing with the straight edge. Glass breaker could very well save your backside, whether you're using it on a window or someone's temple.. though I've never had to use it myself (and hopefully never have to). Blade needs sharpening often depending on the level sharpness you want to keep (never bothered me as I tend to sharpen knives when I'm bored downrange). The clip works wonderfully for pockets, but keep it in it's pack if you're going to strap it to your vest (that might seem like common sense... but you never know these days). Overall, it's a great knife, and I'm glad I bought it for myself even if it is a little pricey.
Aaron - March 31, 2013