Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack - Eberlestock
Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack
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Extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack, optimized for the scout/sniper mission.
User Reviews
Great pack!!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
This pack it awesome!!! Very well built. I bought it in military green but from eberlestock directly. I first ordered it through us calvary and had to cancel my order because I waited 6 months.....6 MONTHS....and still have not received my pack, even when eberlestock had them in stock. I called us cal. at least 15 times trying too figure out why it's taking soooooooo loooonnnggg and they kept telling me it will ship out this month....next month same thing....next next month same answer....next next next month same answer!!! I am extremely disappointed at US Calvary. I have bought several items before with no problem but having your customer wait for 6 months is ridiculous!!! Moral of the story.....great pack, definitely buy one just not through US Cal. Thanks for nothing
Austin - June 7, 2012

Great, but...
Rating: 3.0 Stars
This really is an awesome pack. It has all the room you need, a great variety of pockets to stash things (especially the exterior pockets), and it handles huge loads with ease. 60 pounds feels like nothing with this pack. Now for the bad part. First, the water bottle pockets on the sides are poorly designed. With the sleeves on the side full, it is very hard to get a bottle into the pockets. Next, the rain cover does not fit the pack when it is fully loaded. I have no idea why this is the case. Finally, and most importantly, both of my load adjusters broke. The first broke on my second use of the pack right before I set off into the Grand Canyon for 4 days. I dealt with it and it handled my relatively light load easily without the adjuster. I sent the pack off for service when I got back and it was repaired but it took a month and cost me $60 for shipping. The second adjuster broke on the second trip I took after the repair. This I repaired myself because I had another trip planned in a week. so far my repair has held but I don't think I should have to sew on a $400 pack. All of that said, this still is a great pack. Even with blown load adjusters I got the job done. The pack is too feature-right and too comfortable with load to be outweighed by the problems I have had.
Maxwell - April 8, 2012