S.O.C. Sling Backpack - S.O.C.
S.O.C. Sling Backpack
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Contemporary design with full functionality.
User Reviews
Good Light Backpack
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I have had this pack for two years now it has held up well. Everything feels like quality materiel. The outside of the bag is rubber-coated. By no means waterproof it does protect against rain. The shoulder strap is wide and comfortable. The cell phone pocket on the strap is fairly useless too small for my GPS (Garmin hand held) too big for most phones. However it is removable. The lack of interior dividers can be a pain although that makes the bag versatile. The lower zipper on the back of the pack is a mesh pocket open to the inside of the bag. Right size for the GPS. The upper zipper opens to the interior of the bag but is only about 4 inches wide. Not useful but not detrimental. The main zipper on the side of the pack is about 12 inches long. While wearing it you can turn the bag to the front of your body and access the interior. The straps on the bottom and sides of the pack compress the bag and are useful in keeping things from bouncing around if you do not have much in it. This bag is perfect if you have too much or something too large for your pockets. Typically I will put a light jacket a flashlight a pencil case a nalgene a GPS and a notebook in the bag. I have used it for everything though. I do not have to make trips back to the vehicle and can still keep my pockets light. Can not beat it for 25 dollars.
Philip - November 24, 2010

what you pay for is what you get
Rating: 4.5 Stars
And in this case, thats not too bad. this pack has been rather good to me since i bought it, sits well on the shoulder and doesnt hurt if the pack weight is under 40lbs. If the pack is too light though it will swing around while moving unless you adjust the shoulder strap tighter. also lack of orginizational pockets on the inside means that everything becomes a jumble inside. Side zipper is a bit short and makes it a bad book bag for anyone looking to put hard cover (not flexible) books in. For twenty- five dollars, this pack is worth the money, but if you need a bag for numerous items, it might be worth spending the extra money.
David - September 24, 2010