UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster - UTG
UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

High quality and very cleverly designed shoulder holster that is loaded with features.
User Reviews
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Picked one of these up at time I picked up the Condor universal shoulder rig. For only 13 dollars its a good buy. However the Condor rig is built a little better. This holster works great for regular use but edge trim on the shoulder pads isnt properly sewn down where it ends so it digs into my neck. I use this regularly for daily carry of my real pistols and rough airsoft games where it gets beat of from falls and scraping around on trees and rocks. Stands up very well. The holster is a little different than the Condor rig but otherwise they might as well be the same thing. I found that the UTG holster fits slighlt smaller large frame pistols a little bit more snugly than the Condor but they are virtually identical. The only complaints I have with this holster are the same complaints I have with the Condor universal shoulder holster also sold here. Along with the pointy shoulder pad trim that wasnt properly sewn down. Otherwise its a good deal for only 13 bucks. It has fit every pistol ive thrown in it. Holster has an open muzzle. All the buckles are polymer and silent. Shoulder pads are connected via bungee strap and a plastic ring identical to the Condor. Mag pouches are velcro in nature. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a low cost shoulder rig that holds whatever you want to put in it. I purchased the ACU cammo version. No visible holster wear on my pistols even after a year of regular use with it.
Steve - November 18, 2012