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EMA Tactical M16/AR15 CountDown Magazine
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Always know how many rounds are left with just a glance.
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Havin some small problems for some reason......
Rating: 2.5 Stars
Ok so when I used these while I was in I had no problems but now that I'm out I built myself an AR and been using my Count Down mags. For some reason they wouldn't eject all the way out to I took some steel wool and really fine grit sand paper to the inside of the magwell that helped so then I worked on the magazines and that helped some more but they still don't work like when I ran em through my M16, they worked just like regular GI steel mags but better. So I loaded up a CD mag and a steel mag and function checked them before I took them out. The CD mag had problems loading ans extracting the rounds. I had a few failures to eject so I'm get a double feed. Cleared it and moved on. Then it wouldn't strip the last 5 rounds. Tap, rack and then it would strip 1 or 2 then malfunction. Then it wouldn't strip the last round. So then I pulled the last round out and re-inserted the magazine and racked the chargin handle, it didn't lock the bolt. Racked it like 5+ times then finally it locks. Did this about 3 times with the same mag, same results. Then I did the same thing with the steel mags, same results. Again did it about 3 times, the steel mags didn't malfunction as bad or as much as my CD mags, it also locked the bolt back. So I tried another steel mag and it did about the same. Then I went back to the CD mags and used 4 different mags all with the same results as the first 3 so then I locked the bolt to the rear and sprayed the inside with some V80 and slicked it up some, racked the bolt back a bunch. Then loaded up a steel mag and ran through it again, no problems, did it again, no problems. Loaded up another steel mag ran through it twice with no problems. Switched back to CD mags less problems, still wouldn't strip the last 5 rounds tap, rack, cycle it through 4 more rounds and then it wouldn't strip that last round. Pulled the round out and re-inserted the magazine, racked it back, wouldn't lock, racked it about 8 times when it finally locked back. Took it out yesterday with about 6 steel mags and about 7 CD mags. No failures to eject, had one or 2 failures to feed on the last 5 rounds. Then one mag didn't and wouldn't strip the last round so I took it out, locked the bolt to the rear and dropped it in, fired it and the fuckin bolt locks to the rear....... I was like holy shit...... They're all new mags and they're all good mags but I wanna break em in before I just say to hell with em all. I've got like 15 of these and I'm lookin to buy 1 more black one and 7 more OD Green and Tan ones but I'm not 100 percent on them now like I was when I first bought em. I know I'll be buying some NJ legal PMags. But I really don't wanna chuck these. Maybe they'll work a lot better in the next few AR's that I build.
Thomas - December 9, 2012

I like it.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought 5 of these mags because the last time I was on the range we had to do tabe 2 and when you mix up your standard mags for example one of 20 and one of 26 they both feel the same weight wise. Then I had to do a quick reload while everybody was still firing off rounds. The sad part is that I still beat like 90+ percent of the Marines that were out there. I went out and bought these to use with my own AR and you kinda have to slam the s*** outta them like your prom date but they lock in and they work really well. EMA forgot to tell you that the bottom window's off by 6 rounds because numbers are all on one strip of tape that winds up. They are pretty bad ass though... Just don't go by the very bottom number on the base plate. If you do just make sure that you add 6 more rounds to it. I'm deffinetly gonna buy at least 4 or 5 more to replace most of my old aluminum mags that I got issued. Possibly might get more than that... My vest can hold 14 mags plus one in my rifle... So.
Thomas - November 24, 2010

A step or two away from perfect
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I love that it is a polycarbonate mag. It slips in and out of the weapon like it was oiled! I bought two of these mags and brought them to the rand to test them. The first preformed beautifully with no flaws although the second had about 4 or 5 jams (magazine related)in the 30 rounds. I found it odd and reloaded it with another 10 rounds and it cycled fine, although I am still curious if it is a manufacturing flaw or my own weapons handling. I will need to test it more. Bottom line: I would suggest the product as an alternative to the Magpul Pmag.
Nathan - November 5, 2010