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Govt. Issue Military Beret w/Flash
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100% Wool Military Beret with Army Flash.
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Rating: 0.5 Stars
Your product description says that this product is pre-shaven and formed...It is NOT when I called you up and questioned you about this i got much guff from your service dept. Either change the description to match what you actually get from your store or offer a free return shipping. When i purchased the product i paid $15.99 with $9.00 shipping, wheni wanted to return it I was told i had to pay another $9.00 in shipping. The total shipping both directions would equal more than the cos of the beret itself!!! POOR PRODUCT on your part!!! Crappy customer service!!!!!
Ronald - May 5, 2009

No big deal at all
Rating: 2.0 Stars
Okay... every soldier would love to have a beret that looks just like the one thats advertised in US Cav. Unfortunately, the one shown above obviously had a REAL Soldier make it look this way. When you get the pre-shaped beret, its just the same as the regular one that can be purchased at a clothing and sales. It will be sent to you flat, and NOT ready to wear. Maybe my expectations were a little to high, but when I contacted customer service, I was told by Elizabeth that they are all sent out in need of a little work, and that many people have called about the same issue. Hey, how about a better description? I dunno... maybe say just that or something along the lines that it's slightly better than the regular beret and you will in the end pay more for it because of the postage included!? In the end, if you plan on buying this item, don't expect to pull it out of the package ready to wear it without shaping it to your noggin' and shaving a fist full of wool from it.
Darius - February 17, 2009

Not as Advertised
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I purchased this product based on the advertised (Pre-shaped and shaved). I had recently lost my old beret, and remembering how much of a pain it was to get it into shape, I decided to look for one that would minimize the time I would need to spend making it ready for wear. I was wrong. This beret, right out of the unopened plastic, looked to be a flattened puff of wool. There was no shape to it (or if there was it was completely ruined by the cardboard insert inside) and it didn't look like it had even been threatened with a lint brush, let alone shaved. It took me three hours to shave it into something approaching serviceable, but that cost me two reasonably sized holes in the beret because the material they used to create it couldn't stand up to shaving. Also, if you're like me and like to have a bit of extra material to pull down at least to the bottom of your ear, look elsewhere. This beret, even when wet, has barely enough material to pull down to the top of your ear, and it doesn't take to shaping well (shrinks back to very nearly the way it was with almost no ground gained for your efforts). All in all, this beret isn't worth the shipping charge, let alone the price. Made from inferior materials, resistant to shaping, and nothing like it was advertised. You're beter off buying from your local PX and getting a decent quality beret, since you'll have to fight to get it looking presentable one way or the other.
Benjamin - February 12, 2009

Don't bother
Rating: 1.0 Stars
If by preshaved, they mean the wool was off the sheep, fine. If by preshaped, they mean shaped like a frisbee, fine again. This beret has more fuzz on it than what you get on base. I used my wife's sweater shaver, and filled the cartridge. It still needs a razor taken to it. The preshape is simply a piece of cardboard stuck inside, giving it a frisbee look. I bought this specifically so I would not have to spend a weekend making it right. Guess what? I get to spend MORE time on it because of the cardboard. Do not wast your money on this.
Robert - February 2, 2009