S.O.C. Rolling Loadout XL Bag - S.O.C.
S.O.C. Rolling Loadout XL Bag
Average Rating: Average Rating: 2.5 Stars

Rolling foot locker with an enormous main compartment.
User Reviews
You get what you pay for!!
Rating: 0.5 Stars
The following happened all within 3 months of purchase: One of the bottom support completely came off, holes warn in outside pouches, all zippers bent, and multiple tears in seams. Enough said!! Bag was used for tactical gear and was placed into and removed from a patrol vehicle 4 times a week.
justin - June 20, 2012

Worst Bag I ever paid for
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I was actually excited when I first saw this bag. It looked great, it was big and very reasonably priced. First, the bag is very awkward. There are no handle placements for easy lifting in and out of trunks. The drag handle is terrible! If you have to move the bag more than five feet, forget it! The bag constantly hits your legs and the entire load is pulling on your arm. You will be tired out, before you get to where you were going. All in all, I regret making this purchase and I would suggest investing in another product.
Brian - August 20, 2009