S.O.C. Three Day Elite Backpack - S.O.C.
S.O.C. Three Day Elite Backpack
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Loaded with features for everyday use.
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Coyote Three-Day Elite Backpack
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I recently purchased the Bugout Gear Three-Day Elite Backpack in Coyote Brown. I already have a similar bag in the ACU pattern made under the Bigout Gear label. The ACU bag served me well through two deployments, but I wanted the Coyote Brown version to be less conspicuous during recreation and commercial travel abroad. The Coyote Brown version is constructed of a much heavier material and has a mesh pack panel for better air circulation while worn. The interior design of pockets and and velco-attached internal pouches seem very functional. The bag is somewhat heavy empty (as advertised) due to the heavier material and the two removable aluminim slats build into the back panel. My only concerns with the bag thusfar are the sticky zippers and the tendency for the inside portion of material next to the zipper to get caught when trying to zip a pocket or panel closed. Additionally, this bag has a different lable inside saying SandpiperCA.COM, rather than the trademark Bugout Gear label in my original ACU version. A quick check of the SandpiperCA website makes be believe that it may be a supplier of some of the Bugour Gear line, but this bag is somewhat different in feel and appearance. Overall, I am satisfied with the product, but the sticky zippers and question about the manufacturer caused my to deduct a star from the review. Time will tell if the zippers will loosen up with wear, but for now, it takes a slow, deliberate effort to access all compartments and pouches.
William - March 20, 2009