Shurtape ACU Military Duct Tape - Shurtape
Shurtape ACU Military Duct Tape
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3 Stars

Great for sealing, waterproofing, holding, camouflaging, sound deadening, covering reflective surfaces and patching applications.
User Reviews
Does not stick!
Rating: 1.0 Stars
This expensive tape will not stick to many surfaces. It comes off after its put on. It will not stick to any kind of nylon/poly fabric such as a pack or tent or anything that is flexible. Its not worth the money.
CPT - August 19, 2010

Best tape ever
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Well I'm not one to recommend things that aren't worth it. This tape is the best I've ever used. Basically its like gorilla tape but way stronger. And it dos not leave that sticky goop when u pull it off whatever was taped. It can be pulled off easily enough but when it comes to staying taped it will work! It is a bit pricey but if your a fan of gorilla tape this is definitely an upgrade!
Chris - February 14, 2009