Propper Air Force (ABU) APECS Gore-Tex Parka - Propper
Propper Air Force (ABU) APECS Gore-Tex Parka
Average Rating: Average Rating: 3.5 Stars

Superior waterproof durability without sacrificing comfort or breathability.
User Reviews
Rating: 4.5 Stars
(issued) This jacket is excellent at keeping you dry and warm. The material is wind proof but very thin compared to the old woodland GORE TEX. I think it was made thin to incorporate the green fleece liner (not included) to keep you warm in the winter. There are plenty of pockets. The under arm vent zippers are backwards zipping compared to the woodland jacket and is a pain to zip up when worn. Also it is recommended to remove the strings on the arm vent zippers because they can get caught in machines. (Safety hazard) The hood is nice and rolls up in the neck out of the way and is secured with Velcro. The material is soft and quiet but does not clean up when exposed to heavy aircraft engine grease (what does?) . However the camo hides the grease nicely. The rank tab is offset to the side and not in the center. Also note that with the exception to the offset rank tab this jacket is very similar to the Abu rain suit, which is less expensive.
Piet - November 16, 2008

Design Leaves Alot to Be Desired
Rating: 1.0 Stars
This coat has a one-way zipper that doesn't allow the bottom to be unzipped when seated in a vehicle. It also has no storm flap behind and no adequate cover over the front of the zipper, making it very vulnerable to wind and wind-blown precipitation. IMHO, Propper (or another quality manufacturer)needs to offer an alternative modeled on the current BDU/DCU Gortex(R) parka.
Chris - September 14, 2008

Rating: 5.0 Stars
homs - August 27, 2008