Blackhawk Horizontal Shoulder Holster - 3.25
Blackhawk Horizontal Shoulder Holster - 3.25"-3.75" Med. & Lg. Autos
Average Rating: Average Rating: 2.5 Stars

Horizontal carry and lightweight for increased comfort.
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Not quite there yet
Rating: 2.5 Stars
The holster fits the pistol well enough, and the offside swappable carry of two mag carriers or a mag carrier and a flashlight holder is a great idea, but the retention strap just does not retain at any motion beyond a casual stroll, and even then I find myself checking occasionally to make sure the strap is still where it should be. A fast walk, trot or run, and you'd better be moving with a hand over the pistol's grip, or it will fall out. I get back home, and I've got to either fab a leather strap that will be stiff enough to poke down into the friction pocket that holds the strap, or line the existing strap with something that will hold the weapon in place without me having to help out. Until then, the entire rig stays hanging up on the rack so I'll remember to do something about it. That's why I only gave it 50 percent. It isn't quite *there* yet.
Dallas - March 5, 2010