ESS P-2B Rx Holder Kit - ESS
ESS P-2B Rx Holder Kit
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Rx insert for ESS Eyeshields and Goggles.
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No Go!!!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I am an infantry Marine with the 4th LAR Batt. I was afforded the unfortunate opportunity to be issued these glasses with Rx inserts during my 2006-2007 deployment to Iraq. The glasses themselves are more than adequate, however, used in conjunction with the Rx inserts, you are better off being blind. Looking through the inserts is like looking through a fish-bowl. You have no sense of depth perception what-so-ever. I cannot count on both hands how many times I busted by grape mounting and dismounting vehicles. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT FOR PERSCRIPTION USEAGE!!!
Frank - July 3, 2009