Condor Universal Shoulder Holster - Condor
Condor Universal Shoulder Holster
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Padded shoulder holster with double magazine pouch that accommodates right or left-handed shooters.
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Rating: 4.0 Stars
Picked one of these up just to give it a try since I was looking for a shoulder rig that didnt cost over 100 dollars. When I got it I was surprised at how well its built. Stitching is decent but not to the extreme. It has easily stood up to normal and even heavy abuse. Being someone that happens to be very tall and have a large shoulder frame it doesnt quite fit the greatest but its still comfortable. The belt retention straps are nowhere near long enough to comfortably use. I just wrapped the holster side strap up around the holster and left the mag pouch strap dangle. If you would want to remove the belt straps they need to be cut off they are permanently sewn on the rig. Dispite not being strapped down to my belt its still a very comfortable and balanced holster if you have two loaded mags in the pounce to offset the pistol. The bungee straps that connect the two shoulder pads together have held up nicely and havent stretched out or lost their ability to return to their normal length. The holster as the name implies is of those universal one size fits most style. The retention straps are velcro and are fairly adjustable. I have tried it out on a few different semi autos and have found that it will fit them all but wont fit any extremely snugly. Its one of those jack of all trades but master of none conundrums. This holster for me regularly holds either my G21sf with the infamous picatinny rail or my cz75. They both fit well but arent as snug as if they were in a holster specifically molded for them so they will wobble around ever so slightly. I havent tried buy I suspect the holster will do a decent job with large frame revolvers. The muzzle end is open so I can see a large revolver barrel easily fitting. Dispite being a little short for me the straps have a decent range of adjustment to them to help balance gun on your shoulders and they are all attached though polymer buckles for a quick removal or swap in case you get tangled up in something or you want to move the holster to the opposite side. For only 17 bucks its definitely a good deal. My only issues are that the belt retention straps are short for me and that the strap connecting the shoulder pads isnt adjustable is are only bungee. Otherwise its a decent rig and has so far fit everything ive tried to throw in it. I use mine for daily carry of my real steel pistols as well as playing around in airsoft games. Since the belt straps arent long enough during airsoft sessions I will loop them to my battle jackets side adjustment straps and it rides perfectly. I havent had an issue with them being too loose and flopping around during my daily carry even without being looped to a belt. It has taken some decent abuse and hasnt fallen apart on me in the year ive had it. It doesnt fit compact pistols very well at all though however its not intended for compacts. Its a great buy at 17 bucks and I have no problem getting more if I want to. I purchased the Tan version. No holster wear on pistols.
Steve - November 18, 2012