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Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded M4 Carbine Sling
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A new standard for comfort and quality in weapon slings.
User Reviews
Best Sling on the Market
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought the original Vickers Sling for my M4, it is amazing. Larry Vickers really put his experience as a Delta Operator to good use when designing this product. I also have the padded sling as sold here for my SOCOM II M1A. I had to buy an attachment point to use it but it works great with that weapon as well. The padding really is nice for the heavier M1A. The reason this is the best sling on the market in my opinion is because it takes the pros of the 3 point and the pros of the 1 point and kind of merges them. What I mean by that is no excess material like a one point but the snug and no hands ability of a 3-point with the addition of a quick adjustment tab to adjust sling length on the fly. Overall a very well designed and durable product. Would recommend to anyone over a 3 point or 1 point.
Jason - February 4, 2011

AK 47 Bullpup
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I bought this for my AK 47 Bullpup and it works nice after some tinkering. The straps were too wide for my Bullpup's side sling mounts so i used a spare nylon strap and worked it thru the hole. I'm sure it would work much better with the larger sling mounts on an M4
Chad - December 4, 2008