Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Tactical Pant - TRU-SPEC
Tru-Spec 24-7 Series Tactical Pant
Average Rating: Average Rating: 4 Stars

Casual, comfortable fit with tactical performance.
User Reviews
Nice trousers
Rating: 4.0 Stars
Nice enough pants for work wear, whatever your work is. Looks business casual, although you have to either hang them damp or iron them to remove wrinkles. The Sansabelt waistline is a nice touch for those who might use a inside the waistband holster. Stress points tend to not hold up (for me, at least) much more than a year, and fray quickly at any tears (unrepairable back to work use status) so they go to the home-only stack or to the box for charity. Using knee pads shortens the life of the pant legs right above the pocket sleeve seam noticeably, but its still a good feature. Needs a water/stain treatment like the rip-stop version has, maybe halve the Velcro patches on the thigh and back pockets, to cut down on the loud trademark rippp of it. I run a new stitch for the front pockets to shorten them about an inch, and to flatten the point of the pocket some as well, so that coins/keys/small items don't head directly for that sharp point immediately. When kneeling for more than a moment, I was wishful that tight clump of stuff was spread out a bit more, so I modded that a bit, like the Velcro issue. For the money/quality/usefulness ratio, it's a decent deal. I've bought at least a dozen of each version.
Dallas - November 25, 2012

Nice, but needs better quality control
Rating: 4.0 Stars
I really like these pants. Comfortable, soft, seems durable after 4 wears and 2 washes. Pockets stay flat and there are plenty to stash your gear. Knife/pen pocket nice. Also much quieter than the rip-stop version. So if you don't like that swish swish noise when you walk these are a better choice. Only issue for me is after fourth wear the inner pants button ripped out when I was taking them off. That flap of fabric the button is attached to seems like a weak area. Otherwise fine pair of pants.
Thomas - November 13, 2012

best pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I work at a grocery store I do outside security, carts and maintenance. I bike ride to work I bought two pairs black. They are best pants I have got. They withstand what I do at work they are very comfortable at work and bike rideing. I have to were black pants white shirt. These pants work every good. people can't tell that they are not work pants I highly recommended them.
josh - December 30, 2011

Great pants
Rating: 4.5 Stars
These pants are awesome. Comfortable fit, durable and lots of pockets. Only downside is the knife holding pocket will not hold my Gerber Auto 06. The pocket needs to be wider to accommodate this knife. Overall great pants.
Dennis - December 8, 2011

Good all around pants that happen to be tactical.
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I've got several pairs of the 24-7 pants and have been happy with them. The thigh pocket's inner pockets can carry AR 30-RD magazines--4 total possible. The smaller thigh pocket can carry handcuffs, but works great for cell phone sized objects. The smaller knife--between the front and back pockets--is too narrow for my Spyderco and Emerson knives, so I just use it for pens or forget it's there. I have noticed some fading from washing, but the instuctions recommend flipping 'em inside out and I almost never do. There is some wear on the pants where the pockets attach, but it is an easy stitch job. Overall, I am happy with these--the coyote color has been mis-identified as Carharts. The tan color has some variation between pairs, a little more flesh-y and a little more grey/stone on others. No a biggie, but there is lot-to-lot color variation. Overall, these are really good all-around pants that just happen to be tactical to boot!
Gabriel - May 28, 2009

Working Man's Pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
These pants are incredible. I build network infrastructures, which requires a lot of equipment, a lot of time in ceilings, under floors, between walls, etc. These pants have held up to it without ripping, fraying, or dulling, providing awesome comfort, breath-ability, and flexibility. Additionally, due to the way the pockets are designed, they will hold plenty of gear and as long, and as you are walking forward, they wont snag. Definitely recommend these pants for anyone who wants a casual look with incredible functionality.
Thomas - April 12, 2009

The best
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I'm a 5.11 fan. shirts, pants, some of their gear but on a suggestion i tried a pair of these. Now my 5.11 tactical pants collect dust. Fit is great, doesn't look baggy but great mobility. pockets are well placed. my blackberry fits snug in the small pocket on the main cargo. Knife pocket holds small knife as well as large, like a CRKT M-16 very well. I've tried the others but until something better comes along these are the best out there regardless of price.
Steven - March 10, 2009

Off-Duty Tactical???
Rating: 1.5 Stars
These pants are supposed to be an off duty/undercover tactical pant. I really like the concepts, but I do not like the cut. A foot pursuit would be near impossible in these things. They're too tight in the thighs (can anyone say girl pants???) Also note that, when I tried to through a few kicks at the bag, I couldn't get a kick above my knee to save my life (which could've actually cost me mine) so you get the point. Ontop of that, what's with the shipping prices???
David - February 12, 2009

Pretty sweet pair of pants
Rating: 4.0 Stars
These pants are pretty slick with the side knife pockets and the internal dividers in the cargo pockets. My only complaint is that they're tailored for taller people. I'm 5'6 and usually wear a 30 inseam (with a little bagginess). However, the 30 inseam on these pants run long. I think it has do with the way they size the waist/hip area. I'd give these a 5 star rating, however the fit brings them down a star since I will have to have them hemmed.
Kenneth - January 22, 2009

Great Pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I've owned other brands, but found these to be the best fit and with well thought out pockets and other features. I find the knife pouch as well as the ability to hold 4 30 round magazines especially unique. Also, I can get away with wearing these in a business casual environment because of the way the pockets are neatly folded when empty. I recommend these highly and they fast became my favorite pants to wear.
Thomas - January 14, 2009

great pair pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
love the pants I bought three pairs look good feel great. They wear well.
guy - November 15, 2008

great pair of pants
Rating: 5.0 Stars
looks good fits good durable pair of pants lots of pockets
guy - November 9, 2008

Almost perfect, but not quite
Rating: 2.5 Stars
First, Cav was out of stock on these and they had to be obtained from a competitor. Bad... The fit and construction of these are first rate. Better than the 5.11 versions in fact. That being said however, there are some issues. First, like the 5.11 pants, these have the snap waist button. I prefer a pass through button that is much more secure. Second are the multi-tool/knife pockets on either side. Useless. A Leatherman Wave tool won't fit, nor will a Spyderco Manix knife. I realize the Manix is a large knife, but the Leatherman tool should fit. Otherwise, these are nice, well made pants. The size is pretty accurate also. That is a major accomplishment with Pacific Rim manufacture. Hopefully Cav will restock on these soon. Otherwise, you can obtain them from other sources. Recommended.
Gary - June 16, 2008

Great for weapon concealment
Rating: 5.0 Stars
The quality of the fabric is great. I already washed it twice and there were no shrinkage. As for the best part of this pants are the cargo pockets have two inner pockets inside. I can easily use the inner pocket as a holster for my gun and use the other to hold my extra clip. And it's stabled. Another thing it has two knife pockets, one on each side. I highly recommend these pants for people who have jobs involving security or anyone who carries a concealed fire arm.
Johncarl - May 31, 2008