Code Alpha 3 Day Hydration Pack - Code Alpha
Code Alpha 3 Day Hydration Pack
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Stay hydrated in the field and carry everything you need with this 3 Day Hydration Pack.
User Reviews
Code Alpha: The best backpack ever!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
I have owned several packs over the span of my military career, including the tried and true(and uncomfortable) Alice pack. None have come close to this Code Alpha pack for durability, servicability or comfort. You can pay two or three times more for a pack, but you won't find any that are better made than this one. Mine has been around the world with me twice in the last two years and it still looks like new. Believe me, my pack has been tested. It may be made for a 3 day trek, but you can fill it up with enough to last 5 days or more. If you run out of space inside, the design makes it easy to attach items to the outside of this pack. An added plus: you don't have to carry an extra hydration system. It is built right in to the pack. My opinion - This pack should be standard issue for any soldier, sailor, marine or airman.
Melissa - September 9, 2010