Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook - Rite in the Rain
Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook
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No matter what the weather you'll be prepared to record notes or important information in the field with the Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook
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Money well spent!
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Bought this product thinking it would be good for those times I'm doing drills/STX lanes/patrols and it's raining, and it worked just great. I was really surprised when I pulled my ACU top out the drier and realized I left my Rite in the Rain notebook in one of the pockets. When I pulled it out of the pocket, I was amazed to see that, though it was a little damp, none of the pages demonstrated any sort of water damage, nor had the writing been washed out (I wrote on it using the Rite in the Rain pen and pencil). If this notebook can survive laundry, it can pretty much go through anything! Great product, and well worth the $5.99-$6.99!
Francis - April 4, 2012